The Hopeful Resurrection of the St. Louis Rams Has Started

john dmytruk@@jaredthecat1Correspondent IMarch 12, 2009

The Rams have made several changes over the past couple of weeks.  They released Orlando Pace this past Wednesday. It also looks like Torry Holt will also be gone either through a trade or release.

They also have made several additions to bolster their offensive line, fullback position, and defensive backfield.    

With the departure of Pace, Devaney wants to move Alex Barron from RT to LT.  He also wants to move Jacob Bell from LG to RT.  Some people could question these moves, but I agree with them.  

In 2007, Barron had to play LT in place of Pace, who went down with injury while Bell played three games at RT for the Titans in 2007. The Titans' rushing offense ranked fifth in the NFL by gaining 2,109 in 2007.

I would also like to make this comment about Barron.  I know he hasn't stepped into the role they expected him to, but now, the responsibility has been put on his shoulders.

He no longer has Pace to carry him, but they put him in this position to either perform or be gone.

The Rams may want to trade Holt rather than release him.  I like the idea because they can control where he goes.  

Remember when they released Isaac Bruce, he went right to their division rival—the 49ers.  But in reality, you cannot tell if any team would be interested in Holt, especially with concerns about his knee.    

The Rams signed Jason Brown as their starting center on Feb. 28.  Brown comes from the Ravens, where he played guard and center.  

If you haven't read Brown's interview, I suggest, when you get a chance, to go over to the Rams' website.  This man has energy and could emerge as a leader on the offensive line.

Then on Wednesday, the Rams signed fullback Mike Karney and strong safety James Butler. Karney comes from the Saints and is expected to start as a blocking FB for Steve Jackson.  Butler will start in the defensive backfield.

Finally, with the release of Pace and the evidential release of Holt, the Greatest Show on Turf could finally be put to rest.  It will also free up $14 million to rebuild this team.