Top 50 Pregame Pump-Up Christian Hip-Hop Songs

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Top 50 Pregame Pump-Up Christian Hip-Hop Songs
Photo courtesy of ESPN

A pregame pump-up song doesn’t generate the same adrenaline rush for everyone.

Music is scientifically proven to increase physical performance. But there’s a special genre of music that select athletes now listen to pregame that provides a little extra boost.

The phrase “push the right buttons” has become clichéd in sports. But it’s true that, because athletes are individuals, each competitor is built with “buttons” that trigger different reactions when pressed.

The goal of pushing the right button is to ignite passion. What is passion often attached to, not just in sports, but in life?


Merriam-Webster defines faith as “allegiance to duty or a person.” Allegiance—loyalty—is a button that, if pressed, will ignite passion without fail.

Today, religious athletes—or the focus of this list, Christian ones—are combining music and faith to get hyped.

This past week, Jared Zwerling of ESPN sat down with Lecrae, a rapper and the face of what the music industry labels Christian hip-hop. Outspoken Christian athletes Tim Tebow and Jeremy Lin have each claimed to be fans of the rapper. So in response to his growing popularity among athletes, Zwerling asked Lecrae why they relate so much to his music.

He answered:

I think a lot of players have foundations in their faith, and they really see that permeate in every other aspect of their lives. Music is just one of the areas, and I think a lot of guys love hip-hop or rap music, but they tend to not have hip-hop or rap music that kind of co-signs their views on life. So I think that's kind of what I provide them. Also, I just like to get guys amped up before games as well. Myself being athletically inclined, I like to have music that pumps me up, too. 

On that note, here the top 50 pregame pump-up songs that athletes like Andrew McCutchen, Bubba Watson, Dwight Howard, Justin Forsett, Anthony Tolliver and Nolan Smith listen to—Christian hip-hop—to get amped.


Special thanks to Rapzilla. Check out the online magazine for more Christian hip-hop music.

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