Amir Khan-Marco Antonio Barrera: Something To Prove

Bill CodyCorrespondent IIIMarch 12, 2009

I don't know if there are too many people outside of a few places in Mexico who care that much about this Saturday's fight between Marco Antonio Barrera and Amir Khan, but I think it could be a very interesting fight. Maybe even a great one.

Call it the proving ground; both fighters have a lot to prove.

Barrera wants to prove he has some gas in the tank and he's willing to fight in Khan's backyard, against a natural lightweight, to do so.

The fact that someone with Barrera's legacy is going to Manchester to fight a bigger foe is very unusual. It shows how much he wants to stay relevant.

Khan is trying to prove that he isn't one more in a string of overrated fighters from across the pond who can't win away from the comfy confines of a sold out English arena.

This is the former Olympic medalist's second fight with Freddie Roach. The trainer has done wonders with fighters like Khan in the past. (Israel Vazquez and Manny  Pacquiao are two who come to mind.)

Amir has good hand speed and power, but he still leads too much with his questionable chin and tends to get off balance while throwing combinations.

It will be interesting to see how much Roach has been able to do to correct those problems.

Barrera hasn't looked like the old Baby Faced Assassin in his last few fights, but he's a savvy fighter who has been written off before.

He may have lost back to back fights against Marquez and Pacquiao but made both fighters go 12 tough rounds. Enough said.

I think this fight could go either way. Barrera is definitely the best fighter Khan has faced, but Barrera's fighting a bigger foe in a hostile environment.

Khan needs to show that he can take a punch.

Neither fighter can afford a loss if they want to continue to get big paydays, so they both have to bring it.

This could be a good one.