2012 World Series: 5 Reasons Why America Should Root for the Detroit Tigers

Ely Sussman@@MrElyminatorCorrespondent IOctober 25, 2012

2012 World Series: 5 Reasons Why America Should Root for the Detroit Tigers

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    Many MLB fans aren't loyal to either of the 2012 World Series teams.

    My message to them? PICK A SIDE!

    With that said, a selection should not arbitrary. The Detroit Tigers have earned the encouragement of every objective observer.

    Here are five reasons to pledge your allegiance to them (if you haven't already done so).

The Tigers Swept Alex Rodriguez, New York Yankees to Get Here

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    Regardless of the specific context, wealth attracts envy.

    The New York Yankees franchise has spent more and won more than any other in MLB history. Their highest-paid player, Alex Rodriguez, has the individual net worth of a small-market team.

    It's safe to assume that the majority of you are satisfied with the ALCS outcome. The Detroit Tigers didn't simply eliminate the damn Yankees—it was an onslaught! En route to a sweep, they tripled up on the AL East champs, 19-6.

    • Constant images of pinstripes have irritated America's eyes.
    • The Tigers just prescribed us all some Visine.

The Tigers Lost Game 1

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    Pablo Sandoval's three home runs led the San Francisco Giants to an easy 8-3 victory on Wednesday night in Game 1 of the World Series.

    It's always fun to support underdogs, and that's clearly what the Detroit Tigers are after falling in the opener. The Game 1 winner has gone on to win eight of the past nine and 13 of the past 15 World Series (h/t Mike Fiammetta and Jake Kaplan, MLB.com).

    No. 1 starter Justin Verlander pitched poorly (4.0 IP, 6 H, 5 R on 98 pitches), so less predictable heroes will need to emerge to put the AL pennant winners back in control.

Justin Verlander Is Super Likable!

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    Speaking of Justin Verlander, the right-hander's humor, enthusiasm and modesty make him very likable. There's perhaps nobody on either World Series roster better suited to take the post-championship tour of all the major talk shows.

    See for yourself how mellow Verlander was after his disappointing outing (courtesy of MLB.com).

    Plus, you have to respect the man who's making it work with supermodel Kate Upton.

The Giants Just Won a Title

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    In all, 12 of 25 participating San Francisco Giants won rings as members of the 2010 team. Let's not get greedy, guys.

    Only four Detroit Tigers have experienced the same joy: Miguel Cabrera (2003 Florida Marlins), Phil Coke (2009 New York Yankees), Octavio Dotel and Gerald Laird (2011 St. Louis Cardinals).

    Raise your hands—or leave a kind comment—if you agree that baseball is better with a variety of champions.

Motown's Recovery

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    The sagging economy has unhinged Detroit in recent years. Unemployment skyrocketed at the onset of the recession, which incited more than 200,000 people to flee for greener pastures, according to the 2010 census (via USA Today).

    The auto industry grows stronger by the minute, but the city is still far from regaining its old form.

    If you don't have pre-existing ties to either World Series team, root for the American League winners.

    Fans supported the Detroit Tigers when they could barely support themselves! That's the quintessential indication of a well-run franchise.