WWE News: Reviews, Analysis and Rumors for Week of Oct. 14

Mike Chiari@mikechiariFeatured ColumnistOctober 19, 2012

WWE News: Reviews, Analysis and Rumors for Week of Oct. 14

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    WWE fans have been wondering who WWE Champion CM Punk would take on at Hell in a Cell, but the suspense finally came to an end on Monday as Ryback was chosen to be his opponent.

    The popular thought was that John Cena would get another title shot, but apparently his elbow just wasn't ready in time.

    While Ryback and Punk have dominated WWE talk for the past couple weeks, there is plenty of other buzz surrounding the company right now as well.

    A big title change took place on this week's edition of Main Event on ION Television, signaling that anything and everything can happen on WWE's newest show.

    Also, a WWE Hall of Famer made his long-awaited return to WWE programming on SmackDown this week, and important superstar is currently out of action due to what he calls a serious illness, and a huge match may already be in the works for next month's Survivor Series pay-per-view.

    Here are the biggest news stories and rumors involving the WWE for the week beginning on Oct. 14.

Ryback Chosen to Face CM Punk at Hell in a Cell

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    It looks as though the rematch between WWE Champion CM Punk and John Cena is going to have to wait as Ryback was announced as Punk's Hell in a Cell opponent on Monday.

    Punk and Cena fought to a draw at Night of Champions, so it is obvious that the original plan was for them to wrestle again at Hell in a Cell, but that doesn't seem like it will come to fruition.

    Cena said earlier in the night that he wanted to be in the match, but when the time to sign the contract came, Cena stepped aside and told Vince McMahon to pick Ryback instead.

    It was certainly a confusing way to go about putting Ryback in the main event, but Cena clearly isn't ready to wrestle yet, so the WWE did what it had to do.



    My Take

    I'm always supportive of the WWE pushing new talent, but I'm not in favor of Ryback being put in a WWE Championship match so quickly. The crowd reaction he has been getting has been great and there are definitely a lot of people talking about him, but that doesn't mean that he is deserving.

    Ryback has only been around for a few months and he hasn't really beaten anyone of note, so it's fair to say that he hasn't earned such a lofty spot on the card.

    Also, we don't know if he is capable of wrestling a 20-minute match, and that is precisely what he'll have to do. The biggest issue, though, is that there isn't a suitable result for the match.

    If Ryback wins, then he gets the WWE Championship long before he should. If Punk wins, however, then Ryback loses his undefeated streak and much of his momentum.

    Punk will likely win thanks to interference from Brock Lesnar, but a loss is still a loss and I can't help but think that Ryback's streak should be preserved longer.



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Kofi Kingston Beats The Miz for Intercontinental Championship

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    It seemed likely that The Miz would retain his Intercontinental Championship against Kofi Kingston on Main Event this week, especially after Kofi picked up a non-title win on RAW, but the high flyer from Ghana, West Africa, surprised many as he nabbed the prestigious prize for the fourth time in his career.

    The win ended a reign that started for The Miz when he beat Christian on the 1,000th episode of RAW.

    Main Event is a taped show that airs on Wednesdays, so it isn't difficult to find the results ahead of time, but the WWE willingly gave it away on their website on Tuesday night.

    My best guess is that the WWE figured that more people would tune in if they knew ahead of time that a title change was going to happen. Whatever the case, Kofi is back to a vest familiar look with gold around his waist.



    My Take

    I'm a huge fan of The Miz and I root for him every time he steps in the ring, but a big part of me is happy that Kingston won the Intercontinental Championship.

    I'm fairly indifferent when it comes to Kingston, so it doesn't matter to me whether he has the title or not, but I firmly believe that The Miz is much better off without the belt than he was with it.

    I thought that Miz might help boost the IC title back to prominence, but the writers simply didn't give him a chance to do that.

    Miz is a former WWE Champion who headlined WrestleMania, and there is no question that he deserves to be back in the main-event scene.

    The World Heavyweight Championship scene is short of challengers once Sheamus presumably vanquishes Big Show at Hell in a Cell, and Miz would be the perfect candidate to step in.

    He and Sheamus have shown some good chemistry over the past couple weeks and I have no doubt that Miz would be Sheamus' most entertaining opponent since The Great White won the world title.



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Jerry 'The King' Lawler Makes His Return to WWE Programming

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    Just over a month after suffering a heart attack while commentating on RAW, Jerry "The King" Lawler made his first live appearance for WWE since the scary incident as he was interviewed by Michael Cole in his hometown of Memphis, Tenn. during the SmackDown tapings.

    When you consider how close Lawler was to passing away, the fact that he can even function normally is truly incredible.

    Then, when you take into account that he is actually feeling well enough to be out and about after only a month, it almost seems like a miracle. Lawler said that he hoped to be back announcing within a few weeks, but he has to get the nod from his doctors first.

    Regardless of what we think of Lawler as an announcer, he is a true legend in the business and his return to the announcer table can't come soon enough.



    My Take

    Like many wrestling fans I feared the worst when it was announced that Lawler had collapsed and suffered a heart attack on RAW several weeks ago, so seeing how far he has come in such a short time is certainly inspiring.

    Lawler seemed to receive a hero's welcome in his hometown and that was only fitting when you think about how much he has meant to the wrestling business. Lawler truly is one of the last of his breed and I'm glad that he's still here for wrestling fans to enjoy.

    There are probably a lot of guys who would have thrown in the towel and decided to retire after such an ordeal, but the fact that Lawler is itching to come back means that he truly loves professional wrestling.

    I realize that a lot of people had been saying prior to the heart attack that he was just going through the motions as an announcer, but he obviously loves what he does and I hope he receives clearance very soon.



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Rey Mysterio on the Shelf with 'Serious Illness'

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    Rey Mysterio was removed from the WWE's tour in Egypt this week due to what he is calling a serious illness, according to WrestlingNewsWorld.com.

    Mysterio's ailment first became apparent on Monday as he and Sin Cara were scheduled to face Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow in the finals of a tournament to determine the No. 1 contenders for the Tag Team Championships. That match was postponed until next Monday because of Mysterio's illness, however.

    Precisely what Mysterio is battling hasn't been revealed, but he was replaced on the Egyptian tour by Ted DiBiase.

    Mysterio may not be a main-event guy any longer and there is no question that he is on the downside of his career, but he is still very valuable to the company based on his popularity and in-ring ability, so I'm sure the WWE is hoping for a speedy recovery.



    My Take

    It's difficult to comment on the situation without knowing exactly what Mysterio is dealing with, but it's better to be safe than sorry in these types of situations.

    Not only is it important to make sure Mysterio gets healthy, but it's a good idea to not expose other members of the roster to whatever illness Mysterio has.

    Wrestlers obviously work very closely with one another and if one of them is sick, then there is a decent chance that others will catch it as well.

    With that said, I'm hopeful that this illness doesn't keep Mysterio out for a long period of time. With he and Sin Cara in the finals of the tag-team tournament, his services will be needed on Monday.

    I don't believe the plan was for Mysterio and Sin Cara to win in the first place, so Rhodes Scholars could just be given the No. 1 contendership, but I would like to see a proper conclusion. Mysterio is still a key superstar for the WWE and I eagerly await his return.



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5-on-5 Match Being Advertised for Next Month's Survivor Series

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    As a wrestling purist, I often find myself wishing for great things from the past to make a return in the WWE currently. One of those things is having a classic, elimination-style tag match headline Survivor Series.

    Survivor Series used to be one of my favorite pay-per-views because of its unique theme, but over the years it has become just like any other event. There is hope that this year will be different, however.

    According to iNDEMAND.com, next month's Survivor Series will feature a classic five-on-five Survivor Series match.

    Plans can obviously change between now and then, and it's possible that the match could just feature upper mid-carders like last year's match between Team Orton and Team Barrett, but I have high hopes that Survivor Series will be returning to its roots.



    My Take

    I've been hoping for Survivor Series to do something like this for a long time, but a five-on-five match simply seems much more appropriate this year than it has for the past several years.

    I fully expect Brock Lesnar to interfere on CM Punk's behalf at Hell in a Cell, so the Paul Heyman-led stable will come to fruition. That means that we can see a team that Heyman puts together take on a team that Vince McMahon puts together.

    My best guess is that it will look something like Punk, Lesnar, Dolph Ziggler, Big Show and Alberto Del Rio vs. John Cena, Ryback, Sheamus, Triple H and Randy Orton.

    If Heyman's team wins, then he becomes general manager of RAW and SmackDown, but if McMahon's team wins then Heyman is banished from the WWE. I believe that a main event with so many stars would most definitely help pay-per-view buys and I pray that the WWE thinks the same.



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