Michigan Wolverine Quarterback Battle: To QB Or Not To QB, That Is The Question

David MendenhallCorrespondent IMarch 11, 2009

The most talked about thing in college football these days is Michigan's quarterback battle. Every where you look, thats all you see about Michigan. Who will win the battle? Who will get the most snaps this offseason? Do they have the right guys for the job? It is a never ending story.

While nobody knows how the quarterback situation will turn out, we can feel good about what we have. Yes, I said it, feel good about having two freshman, Sheridan, and lurch(Cone). Tate is already studying the playbook and getting ready for spring.

Sheridan does have game experience, and can help bring the two younger quarterbacks up to speed. From what I have heard, Denard is a quick learner, and he is definitly in the quarterback competition. And Cone, will be the best sideline signal caller we have ever had   lol.

We almost have everything we need. The only thing missing is game experience. Sure Sheridan played in a couple of games, but would you trust that guy when the game is on the line.

High school and college is a lot tougher than people think. Even if Tate or Denard becomes the starter, they are still going to make freshman mistakes. All in all, they should make there presence felt.

Every Wolverine fan has there own opinion about the quarterback situation. We have all heard almost everyones opinion about. I personally think that Tate will start, and Denard will also get some playing time. I think Sheridan and Cone will be used to coach the younger guys.

So, the point of this whole story is to get other Wolverine fan's input. My questions to you are,

1) Who will be the starter in the first game?

2) How will Denard be used this year (if he is not the starting QB)?

3) What will be Sheridan's role this year?

4) Who do you want to see at starting QB, and why?

These are a few questions from me to you. I can't stand when there is no football. For that reason, it is limited on material you can write about. The good news, spring practice is almost here, followed by the spring game, and next thing you know it will be football season!! Go Blue