If Tim Tebow Demands Offseason Trade, Which Teams Should Listen?

Lou RomContributor IOctober 19, 2012

Oct 8, 2012; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow (15) carries the ball as Houston Texans players Danieal Manning (38), Earl Mitchell (92), Bradie James (53) and J. J. Watt (99) defend at MetLife Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee/Image of Sport-US PRESSWIRE

Tim Tebow may go down as the bust many scouts predicted he would be.

He may go down as the only backup NFL quarterback to host a press conference when he arrives in town.

He may go down as a one-hit wonder, a flash in the pan who lucked into a midseason win streak that made his NFL stock rise beyond reality.

This seems certain: Tebow will not go down without a fight, and he won't go down without calling another city home before his shot at NFL quarterbacking is over.

No matter what happens this week when the New York Jets give him a whirl at running back, expect Tebow to demand a trade this offseason if he doesn't touch the ball more often as a quarterback than a running back.

Tebow may be better suited for running back in the NFL, but his heart is behind center. He's a leader, a winner, a champion—and guys like that don't give up on their dream after one season of unfulfilled potential.

Should the inevitable happen countless teams will come calling but only a few will remain in the hunt if Tebow insists on having a fair shot at starting quarterback.

Publicly, Tebow has laughed off rumors of a possible demand for a trade.

But Gary Myers of the New York Daily News has written more than once about "an NFL source" who claims Tebow will demand a trade if he is not the starting quarterback by year's end or, at the very least, does not have a greatly increased role in the Jets' offense.

"At the end of the year, I think he will express those concerns to the Jets. He will want to move on, The one thing about Tebow is he is the quintessential team player. He would never do anything that is going to undermine the team. But he's football-aholic. It's in his blood…" — NFL source as told to Gary Myers of the New York Daily News

Should that happen, only a handful of teams should pursue Tebow for a potential starting role—chief atop that list: Kansas City.

Matt Cassell has underperformed the last two years and is likely on his way out in Kansas City, and backup Brady Quinn has yet to prove he's the answer behind center. The Chiefs have serious weapons on offense in Dwayne Bowe and Jamaal Charles and a defense that has shown signs of promise. Tebow could be an improvement in Kansas City.

Jacksonville, the team that Tebow spurned for the Jets last March, should remain an option. Tebow in Jacksonville would drive people to the stadium and offer new ownership a great marketing tool. But more importantly, on the field Blaine Gabbert's development has been slow, as he's managed to complete only 55 percent of his passes and thrown just four touchdown passes this season.

Andy Reid has made a pretty good living out of getting the most out of unconventional quarterbacks. Though both Donovan McNabb and Michael Vick are clearly better passers than Tebow, the three have other similarities that could make a Tebow-to-Philly trade possible. Vick's future is in doubt, and while Tebow's passing accuracy certainly leaves much to be desired, he protects the ball as good as anyone behind center.

Whatever happens in New York, there's no doubt that Tebow wants another shot at starting. The names may change as the year goes on, but surely someone somewhere will give Tebow a legitimate shot at earning a starting role in next year's camp.  

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