WWE: Looking at the Future of CM Punk, Dolph Ziggler and the Rest of the Crew

Nick BolyardContributor IIIOctober 18, 2012

Seemed like a good idea at the time...LOL
Seemed like a good idea at the time...LOL

 Since my crystal ball has gone away, I had to find a new way to tell you the future.  Because I have no way of providing an exact reading on future, I can provide you with the most and least likely scenarios of today's major headlines.


Vince's Backstage Blowup

 Several articles here on Bleacher Report and other wrestling sites have reported Vince McMahon has not been too happy with the current landscape of WWE.  The Chairman reportedly had a bit of a meltdown backstage, including but not limited to removing writers from their positions.  The question is:  Will anything come of this?

Most Likely Scenario:  Nothing will change.  Maybe more time for young stars like Ryback and Ziggler.  However, those of you wishing for Attitude Era 2.0 can keep dreaming.  Also, we still won't get our ice cream bars.

Least Likely Scenario: CM Punk flies from the top of the Hell in a Cell and ushers in a new era of over-the-top violence, great promos and half-naked Divas. Meanwhile, the Empire will begin construction of a third battle satiation, even more powerful than the first two Death Stars.  This time they remember to put a cover over all the vents.


Ryback's Rise to the Main Event

Apparently, beating up Curt Hawkins and local talent gets you a shot at the top prize in pro wrestling.  After months of Skip Shef...sorry Ryback beating up a list of "enhancement talent" he gets a chance to go one on one in the Cell with WWE Champion CM Punk.  The question:  How long will Ryback be at the top?

Most Likely Scenario:  Don't get me wrong, Ryback will be a huge star and future champion.  However, he won't be champion right now.  Ryback gives Punk a beating at Hell in a Cell, but his time is not now.  He will stop facing the Jinder Mahals of the world and face upper and upper-mid card talent.  After WrestleMania, Ryback will win his first championship.

Least Likely Scenario:  Ryback wins the title at Hell in a Cell, holds it until WrestleMania and is successful in keeping it in a match against Cena.  This will be seen as a torch passing.  This leads to Cena's heel turn and every delusional, internet genius gets their own unicorn, courtesy of Vince K. McMahon.


WWE Main Event

 WWE's newest show on ION is off to a good start.  In two weeks, we have had a WWE Champion vs. World Champion match and an Intercontinental title change.  This is going to be great, right?  

Most Likely Scenario:  Does anyone remember WWE Superstars?  That show started out great with stars such as Randy Orton and Undertaker appearing.  Now, Superstars is just a bad memory.  Granted, Wednesday is not a huge TV night.  I give Main Event about a year before it gets the axe.

Least Likely Scenario:  WWE Main Event becomes must-see.  It expands to two hours and becomes the third brand.  A thousand episodes later, I am mocked for saying ti would be gone in a year.  In my embarrassment and not being able to take the ridicule, I never watch wrestling again and join forces with the Washington State flag guy from ESPN College GameDay and follow them every week.


Zack Ryder's YouTube Show Being Censored 

Trouble in paradise?  Since putting his show on the WWE YouTube channel, Z! True Long Island Story hasn't been quite as...let's say good.  According to Zack Ryder, WWE has been editing and even rejecting his latest episodes.  The question:  Is this the end of Zack Ryder?

Most Likely Scenario:  Zack Ryder sold out when he allowed WWE to take control of his once hit show.  Ryder will be told to stop complaining and continue to put out a four-minute disappointment every Friday, until it quietly disappears along with the Long Island Iced Z.  A sad day indeed.

Least Likely Scenario:  Zack continues to take a stand.  He did it when he started the show and it worked.  WWE finally lets Zack have creative control of the YouTube show and it regains what made it good.  Triple H (yea, the guy with the big nose and bad haircut) is inspired by his passion and Zack becomes a mega star.  After his star becomes to bright for WWE, he takes to Hollywood to be apart of Ghostbusters 4: Attack of the Ghost of Patrick Swayze. Patrick Swayze?  Yes!  Roadhouse!

Thanks for reading and feel free to add constructive comments and predictions in the comment section below.