Evan Bourne Returning Next Week, Kelly Kelly, Chris Jericho, and Batista News

David BowstonCorrespondent IMarch 11, 2009

A vignette of Evan "Air" Bourne's return aired on ECW last night. The promo showed different signs for Bourne in the crowd and some of the amazing spots Evan pulled off before his injury.

At the end of the promo the magic words "Evan Bourne Returns Next Week!" came upon the screen.

When I first seen this, if I'm honest, I nearly pissed myself.

As you may be able to guess I am a HUGE Evan Bourne fan, first moment I watched some of his stuff I was hooked. I went back and researched some of his amateur days in Japan and one great match against AJ Styles.

Reports are saying that Bourne has been working on his upper body strength as he wants to be able to rough it with the bigger guys.

Reports also swirling around say that he has been working on a new finisher or signature move that he can perform standing face to face with the opponent after claims from Mark Henry and and Matt Striker that the Shooting Star Press is too painful as well as claims from Brian Kendrick that he should at least use it less since the departed Paul London wasn't allowed to use it.

Who Bourne's returning opponent will be is unsure but it is most likely a local jobber. Reports backstage are that Bourne and Tyson Kidd have been training together a lot in preparation for a "career long" feud.

A quick note is sightings of Kelly Kelly and Chris Jericho being very close to one another in a well known New York nightclub. Puns about how Kelly Kelly hates legends have already been thrown about since she kayfabe slept with the Legend Killer Randy Orton and now this with Jericho.

Batista has also been sporting the Wrestlemania 25 t-shirt while on tour in Australia, The Philippines and Japan. This has feuled speculation that Batista will play some part in WM 25 with WWE Officials saying that last week he had a practice match with an unnamed FCW superstar to evaluate his performance for when he comes back.

Late Monday and Tuesday has brought about no further Wrestlemania news such as Legends returning but people have speculated there will be only one more legend segment with Jericho.

Obviously the first names coming to minds are Hogan or Austin but neither has spoken about this.