Arianny Celeste's Music Video Is Most Awful Must-See Video of All Time

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterOctober 18, 2012

Arianny Celeste boggles the brain in a mind-numbing music video for Manufactured Superstars' new song, "Top of the World."

Thanks to With Leather for spotting a video that rests comfortably between extremely annoying and infinitely frustrating with the need to watch it. 

There is no easy way to explain what is going on in the music video, but that should hardly deter anyone from taking it all in. 

It's MMA Octagon lovely, Arianny Celeste. I mean, they pretty much hand these types of videos out at adolescence. 

The video basically comes in as two space dudes are busy creating a machine Arianny Celeste, completely unaffected by the singing she is doing. 

It seems this android is doing as it has been made to do, and that scares us. 

She is then shot to Earth by a lightning bolt, completely clothed. If there were ever a need to have Terminator rules enforced for people being transported via time or energy bolt, this would be it. 

It seems Celeste's entire mission is to dupe some guy into marrying her so that he might be transported up into space with the space dudes who created her. 

It's the kind of plot that infuriates.

Why didn't they just beam this guy up in the first place? Why do these DJ dudes want this guy up in space? Where did Arianny Celeste go? Why does Vegas look so depressing?

Why do I care?

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