Mavericks' Window to a Championship Closed Already?

Adam PierreContributor IMarch 11, 2009

The Dallas Mavericks have had a lot of recent sucess in the last couple of years, but the question mark on my mind as a Dallas Mavericks fan is: Do the Mavs still have a chance at winning a championship?

The franchise was made in 1980 and still they are 28 years without a championship. That amazes me! Even having a big filthy rich owner like Mark Cuban?

Well, I do understand that he doesn't get on the court and start dribbling himself, but between what the players are doing and the moves the team has recently made, I am frustrated!

Okay, I want to start with this. Who made the final idiotic move to trade a young great all star for a has-been like Jason Kidd? I mean no disrespect to him because he is my elder (lol) but you can already see the downfall of this trade.

Am I ignorant about this entire subject, or is Devin Harris not a beast in New Jersey?

Well, Jason Kidd's "experience in the playoffs" got them a first class ticket right back home against the quick, young Chris Paul. But oh yeah, wait, we traded off our young quick players.

I'm sorry, but I just can't handle it if they trade off Josh Howard...(look past the marijuana lol) I might have to resort to being a bandwagon hopper or fair weather fan, however you want to put it. I have been with the Mavericks since '02 and this is just sad now.

Well, with Dirk's contract ending in 2010, along with a lot of the other all stars, I hope we resign Dirk and find someone through free agency.

I also did not like Avery Johnson being fired. Once again I am going to say this: THE COACH, THE GM, THE OWNER OR THE TRAINERS CAN NOT DRIBBLE THE BALL! Why fire someone who won Coach of the Year the year before? Is it really something Avery Johnson did, or is it a little rift between two grown men: Cuban and Johnson.

Well, I don't know what else to say, but we need to make the playoffs at least and maybe in the offseason make some moves!