Welcome Home Gerber! Or Not?

Ezra BurgerContributor IMarch 11, 2009

After picking up Goaltender Martin Gerber from Ottawa, the news began to filter into the newspapers and on T.V. announcing the arrival of Martin Gerber. It would begin another stage of Toronto's epic stumble to revive their shaky goaltending.

Talking with friends about this pickup, became a different story about how the Toronto Maple Leafs would look going into the new season. Here's what they had to say about the new goaltender and players:

"They're still going to lose."

"The Leafs still won't make it to the playoffs."

"It's a publicity stunt."

"The goaltending will still be shaky."

Well, there you have it. As you can see nothing changed much in the eyes of Toronto Maple Leafs fans by acquiring new players to their roster. But enough said on that topic. Let's get back to the main headline of the article.

It was an emotional night when Martin Gerber stepped onto the ice for Toronto Maple Leafs on March 5th/09 against the Washington Capitals. Martin Gerber with his new teammates took the game to a 2-1 victory of the Capitals that night giving Martin his first win and debut with the Toronto Maple Leafs. Most impressive with his reflexes, Gerber made an instant impact for the Leafs.

With winning 2-1-0 Gerber is making his return to the NHL a major impact for all goalies to view. Gerber, stated in a post-game report, "that he loves the way he is playing right now and feels very comfortable." With the season just weeks away from the playoffs, Gerber is expected to fill the role of Toskala for the rest of the season.

Should the Leafs reward Gerber with a starting role? And a contract? Or should they say goodbye at the end of the year?

Here is my answer to that question:

Looking at what Gerber has done in the past and what he's doing now is impeccable. We are talking about a goalie that has been criticized for his shaky goaltending with the Ottawa Senators in the past. I believe this is Gerbers chance to show the Leafs that he does belong here in Toronto and to show the fans here in Toronto that he is willing to put it all on the line. With how Martin Gerber is playing right now, I believe signing him to a contract at years end would be a viable option for the Leafs.

With Vesa Toskala slated to return with the Toronto Maple Leafs next season off his season ending hip surgery. The leafs will need to make a hard decision between Martin Gerber, Curtis Joesph, Vesa Toskala and Kolzig. My opinion is to do the following:

1. Give all the goalies a pre-season game as a starting goaltender.

2. When the regular season begins, every goaltender will rotate in a starting position for each game.

3. After a month decide on which goaltenders have a better rating in the wins and loses categories.

4. The two Goalies with the best stats, will determine their backup and starting goaltender.

5. Place remaining goaltenders on waivers

Well it's a plan that cannot fail, and at least after one month, you're not already thinking about the next year and missing the playoffs again.  Thank you for reading this article an enjoy game on Thursday March 12/09 as Tampa Bay rolls into ACC to take on your Toronto Maple Leafs.