Around The "Block" With Safety Jamie Wood—Ohio State 2009 Recruit

HD Handshoe - BlockONation.comAnalyst IMarch 11, 2009

It's been a busy week for me.

I've completely overhauled and relocated my Ohio State website, (it's now a Blog located at, interviewed three Buckeye recruits, written several articles and contacted several more Buckeye recruits to set up even more interviews.

Here's the completed third interview with S Jamie Wood. Hope you enjoy!

Jamie, thanks for taking time for this interview!

No Problem!

1. Why did you choose Ohio State over other schools recruiting you and were there any of your teammates that influenced you?

JW: There was no influence on my decision other than my love for OSU. It always been my dream to one day play a sport for the Buckeyes but I didn't know it would be football.

2. What are your personal and team goals for the 2009 season?

JW: My personal goals are to learn as much as I can from Kurt and Anderson. I have the opportunity to learn from two talented guys who know the in's and outs of the defense. As a team the goal is to first win the Big Ten title, then whatever comes after that is even better.

3. What # will you be wearing and how much do you think you will be on the field in 2009?

JW: I am going to be wearing number 23. I expect to get the opportunity to showcase my talents, but I know I have a lot to learn so only time will tell.

4. How pumped are you for the Week 2 USC prime-time game in the Horseshoe at night?

JW: That game is going to be crazy. It will be good to have them on our home turf for once and see how they deal with all you guys cheering for the Bucks. The only thing I want out of that night is the win though!

5. Who is your favorite Buckeye player of all-time? NFL favorite player?

JW: My favorite Buckeye player would have to be Ted Ginn, just because of his play-making ability. He made the games fun to watch. In the NFL I loved the late Sean Taylor. His physical style of play was amazing.

6. What's your favorite music and who's your favorite artist/band?

JW: I listen to pretty much everything from Gospel to Rock. But if I had to pick a favorite it would be Brian McKnight or Boyz II Men—I love R&B.

7. Do you ever visit any of the online Buckeye message boards or Blogs and if so, have you ever posted comments?

JW: Yeah, I used to visit them often when I was going through the recruiting process but know I don't as frequently. No, I have never posted on anything because that could just bring about a whole bunch of mess that I really don't want to deal with.

8. Are you in any YouTube videos that you know of?

JW: As far as YouTube, I think there is one where Coach Tress is breaking down our class. There are also some game highlights from my high school games.

9. Any favorite place you hangout at in Columbus?

JW: I usually just chill out with friends around Pickerington, but I would say Easton.

If there was ever a Buckeye player that defines "level-headed", Jamie would be that guy.

Thanks again to him for taking time from his schedule to allow me to bring this to fans of the Block "O" Nation!