Gooners Dare To Dream

tumang bokabaCorrespondent IMarch 11, 2009

Is it possible? Can it really happen? Can the incredibly inconsistent yet marvellously talented really rescue their season in an unbelievably spectacular fashion? Can Arsenal, which promises so much but deliver so little, provides a rousing finale of sporty epic proportions?

On offer, there's the Champions League, which is winnable. The FA Cup is VERY much winnable. The championship? Well, let's just say miracles do happen. Arsenal have won it while making up the 12 points at the turn of the year. Man Yoo knows. Newcastle knows.

But is any of this attainable? I for one think so. The proof is in the proverbial pudding. Arsenal have started playing the sort of football that can only be described as Arsenic. Quick inter-changes, calculated movements on and off the ball, crisp short passing, and tons of chances created. Pure magic, pure Arsene, pure arsenal.

As I write this, Arsenal are about to take on Roma, and the dream of snatching the season from the jaws of disparaging criticism and being written off early is about to be tested.

Arsenal will win, and they will probably reach the semis, and from there, anything is possible. After beating Roma, the confidence in Arsenal already evident will only soar. Everyone has already written them off, which means they will pay no expectation to win other than to confirm what the naysayers have been saying: another trophy-less season.

Man Yoo is going for five. Okay, so we know that won't happen, but the belief is there, and thats's all you need in sport. An average team (read: Aston Villa) with great belief can push the boundaries, but that's a story for another.

All the major players are returning JIT (just in time) to rescue the season: Walcott, Edu, Diaby, Cesc.

On the strength of the showing against Roma and then Burnley, Arsenal can only go up.  and goodness gracious have you seen Arsenal so defensively assured. And is Gallas playing for a contract extension, because I swear this is as good as I have ever seen him since he first arrived arrived in England.

Toure is returning to something of his best. Djorou is a more-than-capable cover.

Young Gibbs will soon bench the eclectic Glichy. RVP...enough said. Arshavin looks decent. Eboue? What happened...perhaps we ought to boo him often.

So all in all, I am saying the season is salvageable, the belief is back, the swagger has returned, and Arsenal the REAL Arsenal has returned.

So dare to dream my fellow gooners. Mark my words, Arsenal, excuse the pun, are gunning for glory! Let your voice be heard and be the first one to say Arsenal are taking at least two trophies home.