England vs. Poland: 3 Players Most Affected by 1-1 Draw

Aidan ReynoldsContributor IIIOctober 17, 2012

Danny Wellbeck failed to capitalise on his limited opportunities in Poland.
Danny Wellbeck failed to capitalise on his limited opportunities in Poland.Michael Regan/Getty Images

In another frustrating performance, England were able to grind out a 1-1 draw in Poland after the ridiculous attempt to play the game on Tuesday night.

England's poor passing and inability to control the game was their undoing once again, and although they were hindered by a poor pitch, that's not an excuse that is greeted with any favourable response.

The game acted as a good opportunity to make some assessments, however, and there were a few players whose actions during the game could affect their England futures.


Tom Cleverley

Is Tom Cleverley good enough to wear an England shirt yet? That was the main question that arose from the game, with Cleverley the main offender in England's failure to control the midfield.

Cleverley looked unready for the international stage—despite the unglamorous nature of the fixture—and surrendered possession at key moments in the game, only exacerbated by poor passing.

Although James Milner didn't have his best game, he looked much more threatening in possession and more confident on an unwelcome pitch. Cleverley showed a tendency to wander aimlessly infield, which led him open to exploitation on the counter,

There's no denying the Manchester United player's ability, and he will no doubt grow into an international-calibre player. However, the prevailing feeling from this game is that he isn't quite ready.


Danny Wellbeck

If he wasn't disheartened after being dropped from the starting lineup, Wellbeck must have been clinically depressed after leaving the pitch this evening.

With Jermain Defoe hammering goals in for Tottenham Hotspur, Wellbeck needs to ensure he remains on Roy Hodgson's radar. After coming on as a substitute, Wellbeck was unable to connect with Milner's cross, which would serve as an omen for the game.

The pitch was making passing hazardous along the floor, so any opportunities had to be taken. Overall, the game was reminiscent of Steve McClaren's England: all speculative balls upfield without any real intent.

Wellbeck needed better service in order to make anything of the game and it just wasn't arriving. His opportunities at Manchester United will be more limited than Defoe's, so he needs to make every chance count.


Jolean Lescott

While his encouraging performances for Manchester City justified his inclusion in the squad, Lescott did nothing to persuade any onlookers that his England career will be reignited under Hodgson.

Lescott looked nervous on the ball, almost as if he was overwhelmed by the occasion. In addition to this, Poland's equaliser arrived as a result of a header that the defender should have won, with Joe Hart also having to shoulder some of the blame.

At 30, Lescott doesn't have the benefit of a proven record in an England shirt to keep him in contention, so this performance needed to be dominant.

Going up against Robert Lewandowski destroyed that hope from the outset, with the Dortmund player—along with Kamil Grosicki—frequently outclassing both Lescott and Glen Johnson.

The three players mentioned above may have had particularly poor outings, but both the team and Roy Hodgson have to shoulder some of the blame.

It was a performance typical of a Hodgson-coached side and will only fuel the accusations that international football has progressed past the point where Hodgson's methods bring success.