Kofi Kingston Wins IC Title at WWE Main Event: What Happens Now?

The Doctor Chris Mueller@@BR_DoctorFeatured ColumnistOctober 18, 2012

Photo via WWE.com
Photo via WWE.com

During this week's broadcast of WWE Main Event, we saw Kofi Kingston gain yet another IC title win to add to his resume, this time over The Miz.

Miz has been a very intriguing character since his return to WWE following the filming of The Marine 3, but his reign as IC champ came to a close after his second straight loss to Kingston.

Kingston is coming off a recent breakup with his former tag team partner, R-Truth, and this win puts him back in the picture in the singles scene.

The big question here is, where do Kofi and Miz go from here?

The best thing we can hope for at this point is that the feud continues, possibly with Miz invoking his rematch clause at Hell in a Cell.

Miz and Kofi have good chemistry in the ring, as was evidenced by the two matches they had on Raw and Main Event.

The IC title has really been elevated over the past four years thanks to high-level superstars drawing attention to it as well as up-and-coming superstars recognizing the significance of a title win.

Since October of 2008, we have seen eight former WWE or World champions hold the title after having already won those major titles.

Kofi is someone who has steadily improved since debuting just like The Miz, and together, they might be capable of having the best IC title feud we have seen in awhile.

Miz is more in-your-face, while Kofi is an exciting high flyer. This contrast allows them to put on a good show using varying styles.

With WWE putting a heavier focus on all titles instead of just the top two, we have seen some people getting more attention than before Raw went three hours.

The tag team division has seen a marked increase in attention, and the Divas have been getting better recently.

With Sheamus as World champion, CM Punk as WWE champion, Antonio Cesaro as the US champion, Team Hell No as tag champs, Eve as Divas champion and Kofi holding the IC title, there is a nice mix of babyface and heel superstars holding belts right now.

Right now, it looks as if Kofi and Miz will have at least one more match, with Miz having a rematch clause like all champions do, so hopefully, we see them put on a good show at Hell in a Cell.

Kofi Kingston as IC champion is good for business because he is popular with kids and can continue to draw attention to the division, which is why I think a rematch would have the same result as their last two matches.

What do you think?

Should Miz and Kofi keep feuding or should Miz move on to someone new?

Is Kofi the right fit to be IC champion right now?


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