Is CM Punk Following the Jericho Path?

Ryan DoneathyContributor IMarch 11, 2009

CM Punk has came a long way from his Ring Of Honor days where he was making a name for himself in matches and feuds with Raven, Generation Next and Samoa Joe. He is a million miles away from the five-star matches with Samoa Joe.

It's nearly four years since he first signed a WWE contract. Fast-forward to 2009, and Punk has already made a name for himself, becoming the fastest Grand Slam champion and also a Money In The Bank winner.

Punk started off impressively, winning all three titles in development before being called up to ECW, and being the brand's 'big guy' for two years. Matches with Elijah Burke and John Morrison stole the show week after week.

In 2008, he was drafted to RAW where in his first week he cashed in his briefcase and became World Heavyweight Champion. Since his stay at RAW, he has won three titles.

However, is Punk now stuck in the midcard rut? After a quite disappointing World Heavyweight Championship reign (through no fault of his own) he became a Tag Team Champion for a short while before winning the Intercontinental Title in a great match with William Regal, before losing the title soon after with no build up at all.

My question is, is CM Punk following the path of Chris Jericho? Jericho has only started to get a real main event push recently, and his World Title reign was very  similar to that of Punk's. Not the main focus.

It took Jericho almost seven years to get a second World title, although one year of it was spent pursuing a music career. CM Punk and Chris Jericho before he won his first title are quite the same. Very talented.

Very popular, but you get the feeling that the writer's just aren't too warm on them and won't let them run with the ball.

Without a title around his waist, and also the quite unlikely odds of winning Money In The Bank for a second year, it look's like CM Punk is stuck in the midcard for the time being.

The solutions for this? There is two solutions in my opinion. One, would be to have Punk win the briefcase again, win some big name's then get the title.

The second solution is to have Punk lose the match, go on a minor losing streak (Not MVP standard) and finally snap and turn heel on someone like Rey Mysterio in a tag match. This would be my preferred solution.

Turning on an equally fan favorite such as Mysterio would get Punk instant heat and let him run with it. Give the two guys mic time, Punk especially, and we could have a brilliant feud on our hands, especially if their match at Armageddon is anything to go by.

This year could be one of the most crucial of CM Punk's career. A heel turn could really spark a push. Will this be another great year for Punk, or will he follow the Jericho path?