NFL Rumors: Why Cowboys' Jason Garrett Should Already Be on the Hot Seat

Jesse Reed@@JesseReed78Correspondent IOctober 17, 2012

ARLINGTON, TX - OCTOBER 01:  Head coach Jason Garrett of the Dallas Cowboys reacts against the Chicago Bears at Cowboys Stadium on October 1, 2012 in Arlington, Texas.  (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has repeatedly backed his head coach, Jason Garrett, the past couple of years, but it's about time he held Garrett's feet to the fire.'s Calvin Watkins reports:

But as a head coach, Garrett has endured two game mismanagement issues and hasn't reach the postseason...His team continues to make boneheaded mistakes...if Garrett fails to get his team into the postseason, then 2013 will be a hot-seat season for Garrett, learning curve or not.

Watkins was responding to an article's Jean-Jacques Taylor wrote, saying that Jones should extend Garrett's contract so he can continue learning on the job, writing, "Garrett will eventually show us he's a quality head coach, but he still needs time. Jerry should make sure he gets it."

I have a big problem with that kind of statement. Head coaches in the NFL need to be ready to do the job when they sign on with the team, not three or four years later. 

Furthermore, Taylor wrote:

After all, the Princeton grad gives Jerry the best chance for his dysfunctional franchise to recapture its glory days because Garrett is not a puppet no matter what you think. Garrett has as much control over the direction of this franchise as Bill Parcells did. Jerry is the GM, but it's Garrett -- not Jerry -- steering the franchise.

The Cowboys organization seems to become more dysfunctional by the week, and if Garrett is truly the man in "control over the direction of the franchise" then it's clear he needs to be held accountable for the team's lack of discipline.

According to, the Cowboys are the most penalized team in the NFL in 2012, averaging 9.2 penalties per contest. 

Additionally, this team has been getting progressively worse instead of progressively better under Garrett's control, losing seven out of the last 10 games. 

The offense continually makes bad plays at the worst possible times, and the team's top young players are not improving the way they should be. 

Garrett is holding this team back. If the Cowboys were led by a head coach who held everyone accountable for their actions and made team discipline a high priority, things would change in a hurry. 

Until Jones is ready to accept this truth, though, the Cowboys will continue to be a mediocre team stocked with elite talent on both sides of the ball. 

It's time to hold Garrett accountable for his inability to lead this team to a better future. The Cowboys have enough talent to win 10-plus games a year and contend for a Super Bowl on an annual basis, but Garrett hasn't shown any ability to make that happen. 

Forget about 2013, Garrett should be on the hot seat right now. 


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