Phil Mickelson Misses Million-Dollar Monday Night Football Shot

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If we had to pick one guy we would want to hit a million-dollar shot for charity, it would be Phil Mickelson. It's just too bad we couldn't pick two. 

Lefty had one shot to make a stadium of football fans extremely happy, and he failed. The shame will be with him for at least a few more moments before he realizes it was all in good fun. 

In reality, this video (h/t Guyism) was for a great cause, and we don't really knock Lefty for overshooting the target. 

It's not everyday that the gallery around him is multiplied several times in size and shouting in unison. Where was the guy with the "quiet please" placard?

As Yahoo Sports reports, Mickelson had one chance to a hit a chip shot 100-yards out for a chance at $1,000,000 for charity. 

A shot in the center of the target would have seen KPMG give First Book, non-profit organization which provides new books for children in need, a cool million for Lefty's effort. 

He bombs the soft lob well over the target and a chorus of boos greets the golfer. In the end, Mickelson still garnered $50,000 for the organization, and did so while thousands were screaming at him. 

The boos may have had some karmic backfire, because the hometown Chargers came out of halftime flat, giving ample opportunity for Peyton Manning and the rest of the Broncos to surge in a come-from-behind victory, 35-24. 

Never boo a man who is doing charity work, because you will end up losing the football game. At least, that's how I imagine this newly-formed adage to go. 

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