Basejumper Fails and Falls from Gymnastics High Bar Perched on Side of Cliff

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Oh, yeah. This looks like a great idea. 

Off the Bench spotted this video of a Norwegian basejumper who felt merely jumping off a cliff wasn't extreme enough.

He had to do it off a gymnastics high bar. 

The mind is quickly reminded of the most recent jump from a high perch that went amazingly well. Felix Baumgartner, fueled by Red Bull sponsorship, jumped from a pod 24 miles above the earth. 

Thankfully, there wasn't so much of a hiccup in that venture. 

In the span of just a few short days, we have seen the best in skydiving and now one of the worst. 

The website Yababoon reports the jumper, Richard Henriksen, survives the free fall of 1,200 meters and "avoids being struck by the rod and the chains that falls along with him."

I would be more worried about being knocked unconscious by the side of the cliff, but he somehow managed to skirt that as well. 

We understand there is a little gamesmanship in the extreme world where one athlete has to outdo another, but we hope the addition of random contraptions on the side of a cliff ends here. 

Simply jumping from a ledge is ridiculous enough of a feat to impress us all. You don't have to add a gymnastics routine to the front end of a long trip down the side of a mountain. 

As long as you stick the landing, we are all good. 

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