Creature vs Creature: Triple H Is the Greatest WWE Wrestler Ever

Robin RichardsContributor IMarch 11, 2009

This is the first CVC I have done, therefore what better way to start than with The King of Kings, My hero and idol from the age of 12. Triple H.


Triple H dedicated his life to wrestling, He knew from a young age what he wanted to achieve in his chosen industry, and where is he today? At the top of the top, both in the ring and sitting in a cosy position in the office hierarchy.


Maybe you think you know about Triple H? My task with this piece is to teach you something about The Game you may not already know, also to show you just why Triple H is special to me and of course to prove he is the greatest of all time.


The year was 1969,Triple H was born Paul Michael Levesque and grew up in Nashua, New Hampshire.

Paul became a fan of professional wrestling from around the age of 11 his favorite wrestler was Ric Flair. At the age of 11 he became fascinated with going to the gym and began bodybuilding.

As he worked with guys three times bigger, he himself developed and grew in size he then began entering various body building competitions one of which he was crowned Teenage Mr. New Hampshire at the age of just nineteen.

At 23 Paul enrolled at Killer Kowalski's wrestling school in 1992, after it was recommended to him by Ted Arcidi whom he’d met through body building. 

Paul joined the Independent Wrestling Federation (IWF), which used trainees from Kowalski's school in their promotion. Here, Levesque became the IWF Heavyweight Champion and started using the name Terra Ryzing.

In early 1994, Paul joined WCW and kept the name Terra Ryzing this name changed and he was renamed Jean-Paul Lévesque. Paul portrayed this character extremely well although not agreeing 100% with the posh French style he was asked to portray it with.

Then came the greatest finishing move in wrestling “The Pedigree” not many have got up from it and Paul uses it as strongly as ever today.

1995 came around and it was time to jump over to the WWF this was due to WCW not approving of the push Paul had requested. Paul wrestled under the name Hunter Hearst Helmsley AKA—Connecticut Blueblood.

Paul’s career picked up in 1997 as he won The King of The Ring. Paul was then involved with a group of young talent led by Shawn Michaels known as D Generation X. Triple H rode alongside Shawn Michaels as his second.

The big year for Triple H was 1999, as he broke away from DX it was here that he won the then WWF championship for the first time, beating Mankind (Mick Foley).

From here Triple H’s career sky rocketed  and he met his on screen wife Stephanie McMahon. Behind the scenes Vince Mcmahon was none to pleased as Stephanie and Paul became closer and eventually became a couple.

From this period Paul remained as a main eventer and carried the WWE through four years winning the championship numerous times wrestling the top wrestlers from that period including:

Undertaker, Stone cold, Kurt Angle, The Rock, Kane.

All of which were at there peek in some form. Paul was then forced out of action due to a tear in his left quadricep muscle causing it to come completely off the bone. The tear required an operation, orthopedic surgeon Dr. James Andrews Operated.

Paul was out of action for over eight months which is extremely fast recovery for an injury of that nature.

Paul made his comeback in 2002 and won The Royal Rumble. Onto 2003 Paul led a group by the name of Evolution which consisted of Ric Flair, Batista, Randy Orton, and himself.

In which he turned on Randy Orton firstly and Batista further down the line as Randy and Batista realized they were being used, Evolution was used solely for Paul to keep the championship and used Evolution for the security to do so.

After breaking away from Evolution Paul carried on with Ric Flair in his corner still main eventing in high caliber matches for the championship.In 2006 Paul reteamed with Shawn Michaels and reformed D generation X and brought comedy back into the WWE.

2007 came around and Paul suffered a legitimate torn right quadriceps (similar to the one he suffered in 2001 but in the other leg). Surgery was successfully performed on January 9, 2007 by Dr. James Andrews who had done the previous surgery. Triple H returned once again to defiy all the odds.

Paul came back towards the end of 2007, and once again remained on top once again and is still going strong to this day. His current rivalry with Randy Orton proves this and is top of the bill.

Triple H has done everything there is to accomplish in the WWE you name it he’s done it he has wrestled stars at different ends of there careers, he has carried hopeless wrestlers through matches, he has taught and matured wrestlers of today. He has people respect him from all aspects of the business.

As Paul has said in interviews before “I am the measuring stick in this business,” and he truly is if u want to succeed with the WWE then you have to pass his test and measure up to The Games standards.

I hope this has shown why Triple H is an icon and a man to rely on for the future and why he is my pick for the greatest Wrestler ever. There is only one. 13 time Champion Triple H.