Bald Prophet Bracket Projection Update: Viking Raid Ends Gaels' Hopes For Now

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Bald Prophet Bracket Projection Update: Viking Raid Ends Gaels' Hopes For Now

Three teams secured bids last night.  Western Kentucky and North Dakota State were top seeds that won their conference tourneys and Cleveland State scored a mild upset over Butler to take the Horizon bid.  The Vikings' victory means that St. Mary's falls off the dance card for the moment. 

Today means a lot for Big East teams in terms of seeding.  Notre Dame must also continue to win to have any chance at all of getting considered for an at-large bid.  At this point they aren't even on the chart.

Bracket Projection (teams who have clinched are in bold)

East Region

1 UConn v 16 Radford

2 Duke v 15 Morgan State

3 Washington v 14 Portland State

4 Clemson v 13 Stephen F. Austin

5 Gonzaga v 12 New Mexico

6 Texas A&M v 11 South Carolina

7 West Virginia v 10 Wisconsin

8 Ohio State v 9 Dayton

South Region

1 UNC v 16 Morehead State

2 Oklahoma v 15 East Tennessee State

3 Villanova v 14 Buffalo

4 Xavier v 13 Cleveland State

5 Syracuse v 12 Michigan

6 Purdue v 11 San Diego State

7 Tennessee v 10 Siena

8 Arizona State v 9 Texas

Midwest Region

1 Pitt v 16 Play-In (Cal State Northridge v Alabama St.)

2 Michigan State v 15 Cornell

3 Kansas v 14 North Dakota State

4 Florida State v 13 Northern Iowa

5 UCLA v 12 Western Kentucky

6 Marquette v 11 Arizona

7 Utah v 10 Boston College

8 LSU v 9 Minnesota

West Region

1 Memphis v 16 Chattanooga

2 Louisville v 15 Robert Morris

3 Wake Forest v 14 Binghamton

4 Missouri v 13 American

5 Illinois v 12 VCU

6 BYU v 11 Creighton

7 Oklahoma State v 10 Utah State

8 Butler v 9 California

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