Georges St-Pierre vs. Anderson Silva and the Most Anticipated Superfights in MMA

Matthew Roth@mattroth512Featured ColumnistNovember 27, 2012

Georges St-Pierre vs. Anderson Silva and the Most Anticipated Superfights in MMA

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    Superfights. Discussing them seems to be all the rage these days. 

    Some times they are meant to answer the greatest hypothetical question in combat sports: who is the top pound-for-pound fighter in the world? At other times, it's because there are multiple fighters who have a legitimate claim to being the top dog in the weight class. 

    Historically, they rarely come to fruition such as the Randy Couture vs. Fedor Emelianenko bout that seemed possible for a moment but ultimately failed to come together. If they do end up happening, it's often years too late when fighters are outside of their primes like Chuck Liddell and Wanderlei Silva.

    Recently, all we've heard about is how Jon Jones will face Anderson Silva or how Silva would enter the cage against Georges St-Pierre. Thus far, none of these possible fights have become a reality but they seem closer than ever. 

    St-Pierre vs. Silva talks have cooled a bit after the welterweight champ was hesitant when given the microphone in his UFC 154 post-fight interview. St-Pierre didn't directly balk but he definitely didn't want to commit right away. 

    With Strikeforce closing up shop in 2013 and fighters such as Ronda Rousey and Gilbert Melendez set to make their UFC debuts, let's take a look at the possible superfights in the UFC.

8. Georges St-Pierre vs. Nick Diaz

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    I lost most interest in this fight in 2011 when Nick Diaz skipped out on media obligations. His loss to Carlos Condit pretty much ended any desire to see the fight with Georges St-Pierre. 

    What bothers me is that it seems like both St-Pierre and Diaz are still pushing for the fight with Diaz.

    I kind of get it. Diaz is a polarizing personality in the sport. Fans either love him or they absolutely hate the guy. He's money at the box office and a bout with St-Pierre will do gang busters. 

    St-Pierre's UFC 154 performance leaves no doubt in my mind that he'd be able grind out a decision over the gritty Diaz. His takedowns are still incredibly fast, and there's no one that can handle his absolutely ridiculous pace on the mat. 

    As far as a superfight goes, this is the one I'm looking forward to least. 

7. Jon Jones vs. Daniel Cormier

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    This is one of the more probable superfights that Zuffa can possibly promote at the moment. 

    Sure, Cormier still has one fight left in Strikeforce but once he's in the UFC, I expect the wheels to be put into motion for this fight to headline a future UFC PPV. 

    However, there are some road blocks.

    Cormier currently fights at heavyweight and has been hesitant to cut down to light heavyweight due to kidney problems. The same kidney problems that forced him out of the Olympics.

    Jones also doesn't really seem to want this fight. When Cormier tossed his hat in for TUF consideration, Jones was adement that Cormier wasn't a big enough name to coach against. 

    This fight will obviously eventually happen, it's just a matter of when. 

6. Benson Henderson vs. Gilbert Melendez

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    Another Strikeforce vs. UFC superfight. 

    Gilbert Melendez has remained in the lightweight discussion as the top fighter outside of the UFC's division. He's had to hear criticisms that he's not as good as UFC fighters because he's fighting in a "lesser" promotion. 

    He was scheduled to face Pat Healy in January but was forced to pull out due to a nagging shoulder injury. There are some fans that believe this was a ploy for Melendez to get brought over to the UFC sooner rather than later. 

    A bout between Melendez and Benson Henderson will answer questions that fans have about both men. For Melendez, the question is if he can actually hang with the best of the best the UFC has to offer. For Henderson, he needs to prove that his chin can withstand Melendez' power. 

    Like Jones vs. Cormier, this is a bout that's almost guaranteed to happen. Its just a matter of when. 

5. Ronda Rousey vs. Cris Cyborg

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    A match up between Cris "Cyborg" and Ronda Rousey seems like worlds away right now but there was a time when it was almost a possibility.

    Following a dominant performance against Hiroko Yamanaka in December 2011, "Cyborg" was suspended for a year for testing positive for stanozolol, a banned substance. She was subsequently stripped of her Strikeforce title. 

    Around the same time, Ronda Rousey was beginning her collection of armbar victories at 145 pounds. 

    A fight between the two seemed certain. 

    Unfortunately, with "Cyborg" on the sidelines, Rousey dropped to bantamweight and became the face of the entire promotion. 

    Rousey is now signed to the UFC and Dana White has said that unless "Cyborg" can fight at 135, she has no place in the promotion. 

    This one is probably never gonna happen, folks. 

4. Jose Aldo vs. Frankie Edgar

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    We almost got this fight but it fell apart when Jose Aldo was injured in a motorcycle accident. 

    For years we've heard that Frankie Edgar is too small for lightweight and would be much better suited for featherweight. Even after he won and defended the lightweight title, all that was discussed was Edgar's eventual cut to featherweight. 

    After being unable to recapture the belt, Edgar finally made the commitment to dropping a weight class to challenge for the featherweight belt. 

    And we almost go it. 

    This fight is certain. It will happen and there will be no question who is the better fighter when the final bell tolls. 

    I can't wait. 

3. Georges St-Pierre vs. Andeson Silva

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    It's gonna happen. It's not gonna happen. It's gonna happen. It's not gonna happen. 

    That's been the story of the most anticipated and desired superfight in MMA. For years it was discussed, openly, by UFC officials as possibility. 

    Unfortunately, neither of the fighters seemed all that interested. 

    That is until recently. Recently the discussed heated up again and it seemed like an official announcement would be coming any day. All that was needed was Georges St-Pierre walking out of the Bell Centre with his welterweight title. 

    That's exactly what happened. We were finally going to get the face off. We were finally going to see GSP vs Anderson Silva. 

    But no. St-Pierre instead said he needs to evaluate the situation and speak with his coaches and managers. 

    This may be the unicorn. The mythical animal that no one gets to ever have. 

2. Junior dos Santos vs. Jon Jones

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    A fight that should be discussed as a very likely possibility would pit the light heavyweight champion against the heavyweight champion. 

    Jon Jones has been afforded many advantages in MMA. A killer team. Creativity in the cage. And incredible athleticism. But perhaps his biggest advantage is how physically imposing he is compared to other light heavyweights. 

    He has the wingspan of a pterodactyl. Seriously, it's such a physical advantage that fans have complained that it makes up for any of his shortcomings.

    Though he'd still have the reach advantage, he wouldn't be able to bully the 240-pound Junior dos Santos. Dos Santos is one of the strongest heavyweights in the division and has the explosiveness to keep pace with Jones. 

    It would be a test of skills between two of the best young fighters in the UFC. It would end the debate on whether Jones is a great fighter or just the biggest fish in a small pond. 

1. Jon Jones vs. Anderson Silva

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    The superfight to end all superfights. 

    The two best and most recognizable fighters in the world, opposite of one another in the UFC cage. It's a fight that I've wanted to see since Jon Jones first captured UFC gold. 

    He was the first fighter who really had all of the skills to beat Anderson Silva. Not only did he have the skills, he had the creativity to put them to use. His spinning back elbows are breathtaking. His Greco throws are things of beauty. 

    Heck, he's even begun to take a page out of Silva's book with those straight kicks to the knee. 

    If there was any fight that could possibly sell out a football or soccer stadium, it would be a clash between these two fighters. 

    But it doesn't seem like it'll happen. Neither fighter really wants to put their reputation on the line to find out who is the best of all-time. Anderson Silva even said that it'll take 50 percent ownership of the UFC to put this fight together. 

    I don't think we'll get it, but a boy can dream, right?