Oakland Raiders: The Only Legendary Team In The NFL

RaiderusMaxAnalyst IIMarch 11, 2009

Who does not know the popular statement made by Al Davis of the Oakland Raiders,   "A Commitment to Excellence". It is this statement that makes the Oakland Raiders the team it is today, legendary.

The Oakland Raiders have spent the past 50 years earning every right to be called "legendary team of all time'.

To start, what team basically had the best record when it comes to wins vs. the rest of the NFL. The Silver and Black also have t a legendary past such as its original stadium. The Oakland Raiders began in a stadium named after the local undertaker? Does anyone remember Frank Youell?  This begining was perfect for a team which was nearly dead. Yet  Al Davis made it what it is today. legendary.

What team held the title of winningest team in all sports? You guessed it...the Oakland Raiders.

My friends, I could go on and on, but the fact of the matter is...There is no team that is more legendary than the Oakland Raiders.

The great players that make up this legendary stature include true heroes like Gene Upshaw, Kenny Stabler, Bo Jackson, Marcus Allen, Tim Brown,Ted Hendricks, Dave Casper, Lyle Alzado, Howie Long, Jack Tatum, Lester Hayes, Mike Haynes, Greg Townsend, Ray Guy, George Blanda, Tom Flores, John Matuszak and so many many more. 

These players are legends of the game. Who has not heard of the Heidi Bowl or the Holy Roller. These are legendary games in the NFL. No other NFL can claim great games of days gone bye.

When the legendary Gene Upshaw passed away (and it was sad to see him go), the entire NFL remembered him as the true legend Upshaw was to the game of football . His number was worn on the helmets of every player during every game in 2008.

Has this happened before in NFL history?

What legendary team has legendary players that receive this type of remembrance? That's right...the players of the Oakland Raiders.

John Madden is another legend living amongst us. Madden is a household word, no matter how hated, Madden is another winner and legend.

Finally, the greatest legend of all time, the man himself, Al Davis.

Al Davis was a great mind when it came to coaching football, and turned the Raiders into "his" team. For 50 years, he has done just that. Davis has made the Raiders the legendary team that he wanted and, ironically, the man is a greater legend than the Raider franchise itself. Al Davis showed what the desire of one man can do and thats make the greatest football team ever, the legendary Oakland Raiders.