Milwaukee Brewers News for March 11

Right Field BleachersCorrespondent IMarch 11, 2009


Today’s Game: No Game


Brewers News

- Well, kind of a game today. The “B-Squad” played against Texas. Seth McClung and R.J. Swindle both looked good, but nothing much else that I can find.

- This is what I’m taking away from this report: It sounds like Mike Lamb and Brad Nelson are punching their tickets to Milwaukee.

- Hey, it’s someone else who respects the Bush! I would agree that with everyone paying attention to Yovani Gallardo and Manny Parra, Dave Bush might have a career year.

- Benny is rehabbing in Texas...and the Rangers say it’s just a coincidence and it doesn’t mean anything...even though this news article is on their website. I hate to say it, even being the Ben Sheets apologist I am, but I’m pretty much over it.

- Here’s some interesting numbers on other 21-year-old pitchers like Yo from Brew Crew Ball. Hopefully he doesn’t go the way of Nick Neugebauer.

- Actually, I had this thought yesterday, but figured it wasn’t feasible. It probably still isn’t, plus Mat Gamel isn’t ready, and would Brewer fans rather have Lamb by himself or Lamb backing up Bill Hall? Probably the latter.

- An Atlanta Blog listed their all-under-25 team. Prince Fielder and Ryan Braun are respected on the list.

- Hey Miller Park Drunk...probably the Major League Baseball Marketing Dept., and I totally snagged one on clearance for 10 bucks. It sits on my TV. It pretty much rules.

- Also, nice little Eric Gagne remembrance. I laughed at the last picture, but where’s the picture of George Mitchell?

- B!B!KTUTH can’t believe that anyone would want Alcides Escobar to start over J.J. Hardy. I agree. J.J. has proven himself with a bat and glove, and even though Escobar will be awesome, let’s live in the now for a little bit.

- They should post these numbers to go along with their argument. Basically, J.J. rules.

- Thanks for the (Cub Killer) Mention in your top 10 non-baseball things to look forward to.


NL Central

- Again, a Houston blog is awarding points for each position to find out which team in the Central is the front runner for the year. The Brewers were awarded the second most points for second base in the Central? I looked at the argument and never realized how collectively poor offensively the NL Central’s second basemen were.

- SI says forget about that flop, the Cubs will be even better. It’s possible, but the 2008 Mets and Tigers were supposed to be awesome too...

- The Cubs sure like their dramatic outfielders. It seems that Milton Bradley liked to call in sick while at Texas, and it has Bleed Cubbie Blue a little concerned.

- Oh, and Sweet Lou enjoys rubdowns from Kosuke Fukudome’s trainer and is taking a hot air balloon ride. So, he’s riding himself?

- Former Brewer, current Cub hopeful Luis Vizcaino might not make the roster.


Other News

- Former Brewer Geoff Jenkins may have worked on his swing in the offseason, but Philly is talking about trading him if Jayson Werth proves he can be consistent for an entire year.