5-Star RB Derrick Henry Recruiting Others for Alabama Will Pay off Big Time

Andrew Kulha@@AKonSportsSenior Analyst IIIOctober 16, 2012

Via 247Sports
Via 247Sports

5-star running back and Alabama commit, Derrick Henry, is already making an impact for Nick Saban and the Crimson Tide program, and he hasn't even set foot on the field yet.

Henry is one of the bigger names in the 2013 recruiting class, and he was a gigantic win for Saban and his staff. Having his commitment was bound to help draw in other big-time recruits for Alabama, but according to quotes via Andrew Bone of tidesports.com, the 5-star back is taking a proactive approach to recruiting:

"I am working on Laremy [Tunsil]," he said. "I have some other players in mind. We are really working on him though. I am talking to whoever else is not committed. I am working on some 2014 guys too.

"Laremy was at my game Friday night. I talked to him, his mom and his dad. I just try to see what he is thinking. He still has Alabama No. 1 and Georgia No. 2. His mom hasn't been to Alabama, and I think that's the big factor.

"Personally, I think we will get him. It's because I am recruiting him, and I expect to be successful. There is no question about it. I want Laremy in this class, and I expect it will happen."

Henry is going to play huge dividends for the Crimson Tide, especially if he continues to try to sway elite prospects over to their program.

The ironic thing is, it's not like Saban or his staff need any help. Alabama is the defending National Champions, arguably the best team in the nation this season and is set up to continue dominating into the future and beyond.

They may not need the help, but apparently Henry is taking it upon himself to recruit.

If he can bring in a player like Tunsil into the fold, he would be not only helping out 'Bama, but he'd also be setting himself up for future success as well. Laremy Tunsil is the nation's No. 4 overall recruit according to 247Sports, and for good reason.

His measurables are staggering and full of potential for a Senior in high school. He's 6'6'', 295 pounds and combines his size with great agility, quick feet, good leverage as a blocker and the ability to move in open space. Tunsil projects to be an elite offensive lineman at the college level, so Henry is really helping himself as a running back if he can get the 5-star tackle to join his cause at Alabama.

It's one thing to be recruited by coaches, every recruit out there has experienced that, but it's another when an elite prospect that has already committed to a school is trying to pitch you on the program. There's a little bit more of a personal connection when the talking points are coming from a peer, and a very talented one at that. Henry has to be making a favorable impression for Alabama with Tunsil, and that's only going to give them an advantage over Georgia, who is also high on Tunsil's interest list.

The 5-star back could prove to be the difference in Tunsil's recruitment.

Henry will play a big role in the future success of the program on the field—he's 6'3'', 240 pounds and runs a 4.54 40 yard dash according to 247Sports—but if he continues to pitch Alabama to other elite recruits, just having him on the roster of Alabama's 2013 class will pay off in big ways for Saban and the Tide.

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