Jay Cutler Meets With Broncos, Bleacher Report Retrieves Transcript

aSenior Analyst IMarch 11, 2009

Today is a very big day for Bleacher Report.

Believe it or not, we were able to sneak a tape recorder into the office of Denver Broncos' coach Josh McDaniels during his conference call with Jay Cutler and the following is a transcript of what was said.

McDaniels: Hey Jay, how have you been doing?

Cutler: ... Can we just get this over with?

McDaniels: Okay, listen. We don't want to trade you, we never did.

Cutler: Then what was up with those Matt Cassel rumors? Huh? You think he's better than me? Because he's not.

McDaniels: No, why would you say that? We didn't contact the Patriots about Matt Cassel. The media blew things out of proportion. In fact, I forgot who Cassel was until I read the reports. Then I was like, "Oh yeah, that guy. He's horrible."

Cutler: Seriously, the guy played in an offense with Randy Moss, Wes Welker, and not six different running backs. Of course his stats look good. I'm the better player though. You know, I have a stronger arm than John Elway. Have I told you that?

McDaniels: That's nice, Jay. I'm just here to tell you that we don't want Cassel or any other quarterback...that's available. I mean if the right guy came along...


McDaniels: Whoa, whoa, calm down. Don't go all Brandon Marshall on me. I was just saying that you're my right hand man...for now.

Cutler: This is bullshit. I want out of Denver. I'm calling ESPN and telling them that things just got worse.

McDaniels: Wait Jay, hear me out. As a head coach, you're by far the best quarterback I've ever had. I mean that.

Cutler: This is your first head coaching job. I'm not a dumbass So-Cal guy like your butt buddy Cassel.

McDaniels: I just think this whole situation is ridiculous and we need to start over and move on.

Cutler: You think so?

McDaniels: Yes. Hi Jay, my name is Josh McDaniels and I'm your new head coach. I look forward to working with you.

Cutler: Oh nice to meet you Coach McDaniels. You couldn't hold Mike Shanahan's jockstrap and I want out of Denver.

McDaniels: Yeah? Well I did want Matt Cassel. I think you're a shitty quarterback and honestly, last season I wanted Phillip Rivers to kick your ass! Even as your coach, I would still root for him in a fight.

Cutler: Well, you just lost your franchise quarterback. Have fun with Patrick Ramsey.

McDaniels: So will we be seeing you for conditioning Monday?

Cutler: Suck my...

Unfortunately, we ran out of tape at that point in the conversation.

Hours later, ESPN was reporting that, "The conference call was anything but genial and the two sides are now further apart than prior to it", just as Cutler had threatened.

Things don't look too good in Denver and things seem to be getting personal. As soon as the two talk again, Bleacher Report will have the transcript.