WWE: Why John Cena Would've Been the Best Opponent for CM Punk at Hell in a Cell

Hector Diaz@@iamhectordiazAnalyst IOctober 16, 2012

via WWE.com
via WWE.com

WWE is ultimately halting, or postponing, one of their best feuds by introducing Ryback in the WWE Championship picture. 

Monday's Raw saw WWE chairman Vince McMahon select CM Punk's next opponent at Hell in a Cell. The choice was either going to be injured veteran John Cena or newcomer Ryback. 

But before doing this, John Cena exited the ring and began supporting Ryback's cause. At that point, there was no doubt that McMahon would pick Ryback as CM Punk's next opponent.

The reason for such an abrupt switch, of course, is due to the fact that John Cena is still recovering from elbow surgery. He has been used sparingly in WWE programming since then.

Cena even uncharacteristically missed an episode of Raw. His absence paved the way for various WWE Hall of Famers and legends. In the end, however, Ryback was chosen as the makeshift contender for Punk's WWE Championship. 

At this point, the most Cena can do is give highly entertaining promos, but even that cannot carry the compelling storyline between him and current champion CM Punk.

But two weeks is a lifetime in the world of professional wrestling. Even though Cena is still recovering, he could still have taken part in the upcoming championship bout.

Given that Hell in a Cell is not one of WWE's bigger pay-per-views, a clean finish is not expected. Cena could have continued the feud with CM Punk in a match, only to have it interrupted by Ryback.

This would have kept Ryback in the main-event picture but not overshadow the current feud. 

It would have also given the storyline more depth. Cena would have played the role of underdog, thereby increasing the believability of Punk's heel persona. It would also allow for future matches, given that the injury prevents a decisive outcome. 

The way WWE is currently booking the pay-per-view not only overshadows the feud, it stops it altogether. That is a shame considering that Punk and Cena were in the middle of potentially classic storyline. 

Time will only tell if the momentum will continue for Ryback. His astronomical push may only lead to a swift drop in interest, as has been the case with many superstars before him.

Cena, on the other hand, has been a main-event talent for years now. He has the ability to draw big numbers, which is crucial considering that Survivor Series is right around the corner.