5 Realistic Moves That the Chicago Bears Could Make at NFL Trade Deadline

Ross Read@@RossReadContributor IIIOctober 16, 2012

5 Realistic Moves That the Chicago Bears Could Make at NFL Trade Deadline

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    Thanks to a change during the offseason, the NFL trade deadline comes later this year. Before, the deadline took place on the Tuesday after Week 6. Going forward it has been extended to the Tuesday after Week 8. 

    The league made the change to give teams a chance to address any depth issues and have more time to talk to teams about ironing out a trade. In the past, very few moves were made around the league because most teams didn't feel a need to make a move for various reasons so early in the season. 

    There are some realistic moves the Bears could make. They can add to the roster or even subtract. Here are five moves the Bears could make as the trade deadline approaches in the next couple of weeks. 

Trade for a Left Tackle

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    Even though the Bears are one of the better teams in the NFC, their left tackle situation is still somewhat of a concern. 

    Usually if you want a solid left tackle you have to find him through the draft, but there might be a decent option or two in the trade market. The Kansas City Chiefs are a team going nowhere fast and could part ways with an upcoming free agent. 

    Branden Albert is a former 15th overall pick back in 2008. He has started 66 games over his career and is coming to the end of a five-year $15.80 million contract. There is a chance you can pry him away from Kansas City, who might be looking to get a low draft pick out of the deal instead of letting Albert walk. 

    Albert is by no means an All-Pro, but he is an upgrade over J'Marcus Webb. If it only costs you a sixth-round pick, then it will be worth a chance. If he does well, then you re-sign him in the offseason. If not, then let him go. 

Find a Tight End

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    The Bears were hoping Kellen Davis would have a breakout season. Well, that really has not happened and he doesn't look like a tight end who can provide consistent value in the passing game. 

    With Alshon Jeffery out for a couple weeks, the Bears could look to add to the passing game in the form of a tight end. Yes, they released Khalil Bell and signed tight end Brody Eldridge, but he does nothing for the passing game. 

    Davis only has eight receptions this season and only 36 in his career. He's in his fifth season now and it's time to think about pulling the plug on him as a starter. 

    The Cleveland Browns are trying to establish a smash mouth style of football with Trent Richardson. They currently have a young tight end who is being underutilized. Jordan Cameron needs to be saved from the Browns and could thrive in the Bears offense. 

    Cameron has tremendous size at 6'5'', 254 lbs. He is an athletic tight end who has raw skills to go up and get the football. He's not much of a blocker, but the Bears have a couple good tight ends who do that now.

    Even though Cameron is only in his second year, the Browns might be willing to part with him. 

Trade Amobi Okoye

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    The Bears brought back Amobi Okoye because they thought they were going to need his pass rush and depth.

    They found out they need neither from him. 

    Okoye found some playing time early but can't make it on the field now because other players have outperformed him. He was brought back after a short stint with the Bears because the team had health concerns along the defensive line. That is no longer an issue, and he's just not much use anymore. 

    There might not be much of a market for Okoye. He's an underachieving defensive lineman with a history of having knee problems, but if anybody offers anything for him the Bears should take it in a heartbeat. 

Trade Devin Hester

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    Is it time for the Devin Hester era in Chicago to end? Even though he has made a couple big plays in the passing game the last couple of weeks, he's giving you nothing on special teams and might need a change of scenery. 

    The good news is Hester's contract is up after next season. He has never really lived up to that contract because he was supposed to be a No. 1 receiver and that never happened.

    It would be tough to see the Bears re-sign him even though he is the most prolific return man in the game's history. 

    There might be a team out there who thinks they can get something out of him on offense and get him going again on special teams. If there is, then the Bears should seriously consider moving him and getting a more viable receiving option on the field in his spot. 

Stand Pat

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    The most likely scenario is the Bears don't do anything. As much as the organization and fanbase would love to improve the roster, it's just rare to find a decent trade during the NFL season. 

    Right now, the Bears are still a first place team who ultimately controls its own destiny. They don't need to panic and make any rash move just to do something.

    Sometimes the best moves are the ones you don't make. 

    Devin Hester could still get it going at any point on special teams, the Bears might need Amobi Okoye at some point in a long season, and maybe Kellen Davis will ignite in the passing game. J'Marcus Webb will still be an up-and-down roller coaster, there's no changing that. 

    Even with the extra time this year to make a move, expect the Bears to stand pat and finish out the season with what they have.