Zack Ryder Complains About WWE Cancelling an Episode of His Show

Sharon GlencrossContributor IOctober 15, 2012

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Alas, Internet sensation and popular WWE star Zack Ryder continues to have a rocky relationship with his employer.

In the past, the under-utilized Ryder hasn't exactly been shy about his criticism of WWE. Rather than towing the company line, he's made several digs on Twitter on his lack of a push, took shots at them on his YouTube show Z! True Long Island Story and even thrown out the possibility that he may be leaving sooner or later.

So, have things smoothed out between Ryder and WWE in recent times?

Eh, not exactly. Indeed, on Friday, the day episode of No. 88 of Z! True Long Island Story was due to be released, no new episode was unveiled, as Zack confirmed on his Twitter. 

So, what is going on? Well, as Ryder noted a day earlier, it seemed someone at the company's official YouTube channel objected to the content the episode in question: "So rejected Episode 88 of Z! TLIS. Thus, tomorrow's episode will suck."

Earlier today, Ryder once again discussed the issue, mentioning he had, in fact, made two editions of that particular show, with WWE apparently having a problem with both of them: "I made 2 different Episode 88s of Z! True Long Island Story. They will be never be seen. The third Episode 88 will air next Friday. ?"

Interestingly, this is not the first time Ryder has accused WWE of meddling with his show. Back in April, he complained about the company cutting two crucial minutes of his show. 

Ryder has declined to go into details about what had troubled the company about episode No. 88, although there are a couple of possibilities. One, is that Ryder may have finally went too far in his criticism of management and the promotion were no longer willing to tolerate it.

Of course, another possibility is that the current "Where's Trent?" storyline, a long-running angle on the programme, is to blame.

The story, which revolves around the mysterious whereabouts of lower-card wrestler Trent Barreta, has been known for its highly creative, and occasionally, dark and disturbing imagery.

Ryder, who continues to flourish as a filmmaker, is clearly a fan of David Lynch, with some of the Trent segments being positively nightmarish in their presentation.

For just one example, check out episode No. 73, which features a truly surreal segment with a scared witless and paranoid Kofi Kingston seeing Trent everywhere he goes. 

With the angle gearing up in recent weeks, it's very possible that the company felt that something concerning it on episode No. 88 was not in keeping with their PG image.

Will episode No. 88 ever see the light of day? Does Ryder have a future in the company when he continues to trash them so brazenly in public? Or is it possible all of Ryder's Twitter complaints are some elaborate work, and Ryder/WWE are fooling us all?

Interestingly, these questions are shaping up to be as pertinent and intriguing as the issue of "Where's Trent?"