Brawn GP, Bring Back Michael Schumacher?

Andrew DaviesCorrespondent IMarch 10, 2009

So the new season is almost under way, and new team Brawn GP have hit some sweet times in testing. Is this a true reflection of some real pace they may produce at the beginning of the season?

It would be astounding to see them near the front at Melbourne.

But what about finance for Brawn GP?

Where is it going to come from?

We all know where money is coming from for this year, but what about the teams future?

I can see Ross Brawn giving his mate Michael a call. Schumi has got buckets of cash, and if need be, he could help out.

But how about helping out with the driving?

Imagine it, Brawn GP, Schumacher, Barrichello, well financed. I think the rest of the grid would be scared.

We all know what that kind of force done from 2000 to 2004!

Schumacher always said he would never come of retirement though, and I for one, believe him. But It would be awesome, it would be one amazing season of F1 no doubt about it.

That is where my thinking has taken me anyway, because Brawn GP will need finance for the team to move on. And Schumi would bring good sponsorship, as well as his own pot of gold if needs be.

As F1 costs are going to be reduced, it is a possibility.

Michael Schumacher with a German engine behind him...Hockenheim would be rimmed full again!

But back down to earth, I still think Brawn GP can find a way. Lets see how the season unfolds. I reckon they will be in good shape a few races into the season.

the excitement is boiling...