Eddie Alvarez: Why He Should Sign with the UFC Immediately

Tim McTiernanCorrespondent IOctober 15, 2012

Eddie Alvarez is the former Bellator Lightweight Champion and is considered by some people to be a top-ten lightweight in the world.

In addition to that, he is currently a free agent.

Alvarez lost his Bellator title three fights ago against Michael Chandler in a spectacular fight, which saw both fighters in trouble at certain points.

Alvarez wanted an immediate rematch, but due to Bellator's tournament structure, he was not granted it, and instead faced Shinya Aoki and then Patricky Freire in non-tournament lightweight matchups.

Alvarez won but now is left at a crossroads.

He could resign with Bellator, attempt to fight his way back to Chandler and get his rematch, but there's a lot that could go wrong on the way there.

His other option is much more appealing to us as UFC fans, and that other option would be for him to sign with the UFC. The lightweight division is one of the most stacked in the UFC, and the addition of Alvarez would only make it better.

He is an exciting lightweight with good boxing and ground skills and would be a solid test for anybody at 155. Not only that, but he would get a chance to prove where he truly sits in the 155 pound division.

There are people out there—such as myself—who think Alvarez is a great talent but does not deserve a top-ten ranking for beating non top-ten fighters. A move to the UFC would give him a chance to prove himself to all his critics.

In addition, the lightweight division is stacked, but many of the top contenders have faltered when given shots at the title, or faltered against each other.

If Alvarez comes in, gets an impressive win over a top-five or top-10 opponent, he could be easily sold for a shot at the title.

One win and then a title shot also seems to be how the UFC does it when they bring in champions from other organizations.

It would be no different for Alvarez.

It's time the UFC pick up another fighter that the fans have wanted for a long time; it's time to sign Eddie Alvarez.


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