5 Former NBA Players Who Could Have a Movie Made About Their Careers

Jason PattContributor IOctober 18, 2012

5 Former NBA Players Who Could Have a Movie Made About Their Careers

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    Every sports fan loves a good story, which is why movies like Rudy and Hoosiers, among many others, are so beloved in the hearts of many. 

    Most of these sports movies involve a compelling character and/or team that overcomes some type of adversity before achieving their goal. The NBA has a long history of larger-than-life figures and underdog success stories who would be perfect to build a movie storyline around. 

    So without further ado, here are five former NBA players who could have a movie made based on their career. There are certainly plenty more who could have been listed, but this is a good start. 

Michael Jordan

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    The career of Chicago Bulls legend Michael Jordan was truly an amazing one, and it's not just because of what he accomplished on the court. 

    Starting with Jordan getting cut from his high school team and weaving through great successes, failures, multiple retirements and a stint in baseball, his career is perfect for a movie script. Throw in some of his infamous off-the-court behavior and fascinating relationships with guys like Charles Barkley, Phil Jackson, Jerry Reinsdorf and Jerry Krause, and you have silver screen gold. 

    And yes, I know Space Jam is awesome, but a more thorough biopic of the career of The Greatest of All Time is pretty much necessary. 

Magic Johnson

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    Considering the 1980's "Showtime Lakers" were pretty much as Hollywood as it gets when it comes to the NBA, how could you not make a movie about the star of the team? 

    Not only does Magic Johnson's career feature the Hollywood lifestyle, the NBA titles and the rivalry against Larry Bird, but it also features the story of him testing positive for HIV in 1991. Magic's HIV announcement is widely considered one of the most memorable moments in recent sports history. 

    Making the story even more incredible was what happened after the announcement. Despite being retired from the NBA, Magic was voted to start in the 1992 All-Star Game, a game in which he ended up being the MVP. And after that, Magic was selected to play for the 1992 Dream Team in Barcelona. 

    Magic's fight against HIV was and still is inspiring stuff, which is a must in most sports movies. 

Wilt Chamberlain

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    Wilt Chamberlain was perhaps the first "larger than life" figure in the world of basketball. And it was not just because of the fact that he was over seven feet tall. 

    The giant Chamberlain became a rock star due to his dominant play in high school and college at the University of Kansas. He was so good that he was featured in four national magazines by the time he was 21 years old. 

    Before even entering the NBA, Chamberlain joined the Harlem Globetrotters and took part in a sold-out tour of the USSR. He even met Nikita Kruschev! I know that would make for a pretty entertaining scene. 

    And of course, Chamberlain's NBA career was a long and storied one. There's the 100-point game, the rivalry with Bill Russell and a late NBA Finals matchup against Kareem Abdul-Jabbar among the highlights. 

    While Chamberlain was a star on the court, he also lived like one off it. When he joined the Los Angeles Lakers, he built an enormous mansion in Bel-Air where he threw numerous parties and helped build his reputation as a womanizer. He truly lived the Hollywood life.  

Dennis Rodman

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    There was certainly never a shortage of drama in the career of Dennis Rodman. 

    A bit of a rags to riches story, Rodman was a late bloomer in basketball who did not start seeing real success until college at the small Southeastern Oklahoma State. Adding to the tale is the fact that Rodman was helped through college by the family of a camper from a youth basketball camp he worked at. 

    When Rodman got to the NBA, he became a member of the "Bad Boy" Detroit Pistons, which was a perfect way to describe Dennis. Over the course of his career in Detroit, Rodman feuded with players, won multiple NBA championships and also endured a litany of personal problems that nearly ended in a suicide. 

    After the near suicide attempt, Rodman's behavior became even more bizarre. There was the dyed hair, the headbutting, dalliances with Madonna and Carmen Electra, the professional wrestling and also the famous wedding dress stunt. And all the while, "The Worm" was winning multiple championships in Chicago. 

    Add all that together and I think you have plenty of material for a good movie. 

Brian Scalabrine

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    Everybody loves the underdog story, and Brian Scalabrine is the embodiment of it. 

    Despite not really having "the look" of a NBA player, "The White Mamba" enjoyed an 11-year career in league through hard work and perseverance. Scalabrine was a student of the game and a great guy to have in the locker room. And wherever he went, he immediately became a fan favorite. 

    Ultimately, Scalabrine's hard work paid off when he became a NBA champion as a member of the 2007-08 Boston Celtics. Sure, he was not a huge part of that team on the court, but many will still remember the fact that Scal was on that squad. 

    And to top this all off, Scalabrine has an actor doppelganger in Michael Rapaport, so the casting for the movie would be quite easy.