My Least Favorite Wrestler Part One

Lucas BerndtCorrespondent IMarch 10, 2009

You'll see alot of people talk aboutn their favorite wrestlers. well i've decided to give you my top ten most hated wrestlers.

10.) Randy Orton- Lately this guy has just gotten annoying. I mean who really cares about some punk who thinks he's tough for beating up the Mcmahons. I mean loads of people have already done it.

9.) Scott Steiner- Another tough guy who I hate. He really is annoying because he is part of the Main Event Mafia. I mean all this drama they have had lately was annoying weeks ago. Also I mean who gets into a feud with Petey Williams. So everyone Scott sucks in my mind.

8.) John Layfield- Who couldn't hate this guy? I mean he thinks he can wrestle and that he is a wrestling god which he isn't. Not to mention he thought he could get away with trying to be the boss of HBK. Also he has to be allowed a title shot by Vicki Guerrero. So if you can't earn it on your own your definitely making the list.

7.) Booker T- Another Main Event Mafia Member has made the list big supprise. I mean him and A.J Styles going at it 90 to nothing is annoying. I bet some of you will be wondering why I put Booker here but not A.J, and here is my answer A.J can actually wrestle.

I mean Booker was good for a while in the start of his career but now he is played out. And I mean he has been handed defeats by real superstars such as The Rock.

6.) Mick Foley- Mick Foley is another person who annoys me. Whether as the idiot Mankind or as the old fart in TNA who needs to quit because he is to damn old. Foley has cemented his spot in this list because he has done some of the stupidest things ever.

One such thing is his This Is Your Life for The Rock. I mean if you don't know when The Rock's Birthday is leave him alone you Jabroni. Also who brings a retarded clown that looks like pink and purple shit to a grown man's so called birthday party. So Foley hope you like your spot on the list.

Well everyone that is it for now. I'll probably make the next article tommorrow. Maybe later. Hope you enjoy this and are ready for part two.