Jay Cutler or Matt Cassel: Who Would You Want?

alton rexCorrespondent IMarch 10, 2009

So, if you were the GM/coach who would you want?

The gunslinger with a 17-20 record to go along with his 37 interceptions and his pouty-face tantrum with his new coach, or the guy who was 11-5 with 21 TD's and 11 INT's to go along with his 89.4 QB rating in his only season?

Cutler DOES have a howitzer for an arm, but as they say around the NRA... guns don't kill, people do—meaning you have to give more credence to the mind manning the trigger than you do the caliber of the weapon.

The way Cutler has been pouting and hiding out, giving his new coach the silent treatment, says one thing above all others to me: Maybe Josh McDaniels KNEW Cutler was still in diapers mentally, and that's why he wanted Cassel.

Certainly, Cutler's actions since he heard about the possible trade have done NOTHING to send a message to the rest of the world that he's mentally tough enough to be a front-line QB in the NFL, regardless of his arm.

Even worse, he's let every defensive lineman and defensive back in the league know he's soft and lacks fortitude. I believe his little tantrum about all of this is going to come back to haunt him on the field this year—at least until he does something to prove he's not really a crybaby.

No matter what else happens, there's a divisive quality to what's happening on the offensive side of the ball in Denver. Head coaches and QB's need to have each other's back, and right now nobody believes that's the case—especially in Denver.

On the other hand, you have Scott Pioli/Todd Haley/Matt Cassel all hooked in the same traces pulling in the same direction. I think the choice here is obvious.

Certainly, the rest of the AFC West is thrilled with the changes in Boo-Hoo Bronco-land.