Minnesota Vikings Offseason Analysis: What Brad Childress Is Looking For

michael jordanContributor IMarch 10, 2009

The Minnesota vikings are in need at various positions in this upcoming season.  First they need a quarterback. They also need a great new center. The Vikings also need a fullback. Last, if I was Brad Childress, I would look for an outstanding young safety.

To start things off, they need a quarterback. Jackson is slowly gaining the experience to lead a growing team. But there are better options out there. The Vikings need a quarterback that is decisive in the pocket and can run at the same time. 

This quarterback needs to be quick on his feet because the Vikings have a great running game. The new quarterback needs to able to throw on the run and place a ball perfectly. Jackson has got the Vikings into there division title but not Super Bowls. A new quarterback could lead the team to that goal.

The Vikings also need a new fullback. Thomas Tapeh has now been waived and the backups are inexperienced with a running back like Adrian Peterson. They need to look at someone with carrying skills so that the ball can be shared with Peterson. This new fullback needs to lay down solid blocks and have the strength to battle linebackers like Brian Urlacher. 

Childress should definitely be watching for a center. With the six-time pro bowl center Matt Birk gone, somebody needs to fill his shoes. The backups are OK but with the draft and free agents there are a lot to choose from. 

Like Nick Cole or Melvin Fowler. The Vikings like to run with Peterson up the middle. But now they lost there main blocker. They need to find someone quick and able to take on some of the biggest guys in football.

Lastly, the Vikings could use a new safety or just any member of the secondary to help cover the pass. In the last season a lot of first downs were from the opposing team's passing game. Not saying that Antoine Winfield is not a great cornerback, but he could use some help. 

Clearly, Brad has some work to do.