Colts vs. Jets: 5 Winners and Losers from Jets Victory

Eric SmithCorrespondent IIIOctober 14, 2012

Colts vs. Jets: 5 Winners and Losers from Jets Victory

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    Just when things were starting to look up for the Indianapolis Colts, they faltered to all-time-low status by losing 35-9 to a bad New York Jets football team. The Colts flat out didn't show up in today's game.

    Don't give too much credit to the Jets, as the Colts just failed to play well. In all effort to be fair here, the Jets didn't play well, either. They didn't look much better this week than they did in their previous three against playoff-caliber teams. It's pretty easy to look good against a team that never showed up.

    That's the thing with the NFL these days: People anoint teams and players after one game but fail to look at what actually worked and how it worked. This Jets team will be lucky to win six games this year—the  Colts simply didn't play well in this game.

    These are the five winners and losers from today's game.

Winner: Shonn Greene

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    If there was one bright spot in this game for either team, it was Shonn Greene. The Colts defense failed to show up this game, but Greene was good enough to keep doing what he's been doing to gain yards.

    If this were any other team, Greene would have been lucky to get five yards. He didn't do anything special. Missed tackles, a lack of defensive execution and the Colts' failure to show up made it much easier for Greene, but he did gain yards.

    Greene finished with 161 yards on 32 carries and three touchdowns. The yards and TDs were career highs for him.

    That was the difference in this game and gave the Jets the win.

Winner: Adam Vinatieri

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    Adam Vinatieri was the only winner for the Colts. He was 3-for-3 in action today, which is far better than what he's been this season.

    Vinatieri has missed a field goal in three of the previous four games this season, but today he was back to accurate. Two of his three field goals were long shots that I honestly was shocked to see go in.

    If it weren't for Vinatieri today, the Colts would have been goose-egged.

Loser: ChuckStrong

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    Since Colts head coach Chuck Pagano was diagnosed with leukemia, the Colts anointed this season as ChuckStrong. Last week it worked, as the team came back from 18 points down at the half to win the game against the mighty Green Bay Packers

    Today, they didn't show ChuckStrong.

    The Jets are going to be lucky to win six games this year. The Packers are a far better team, and the Colts won that game. The emotion they played with last week is what they need to bring each week. Anything less is unacceptable. If the Colts had played with that emotion this week, they would have won easily.

    I'll say it again: The Jets are a bad football team. There's no reason to give anything less than ChuckStrong effort. If you do it one week, you can do it every week.

    Now they can't claim ChuckStrong. Don't give me the excuse that they're young, injured or that the Jets were better; it's none of the above. The Colts just flat-out failed to play football today.

Loser: Colts Coaching Staff

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    The Colts staff had a great game plan last week against the Green Bay Packers. This week, they're responsible for losing this game.

    Everyone in the world knew the Jets were going to ground-and-pound and run trick plays. The Colts just fell asleep and must not have been aware of that.

    I said all week that the Jets are a desperate team and are going to pull out the bag of tricks. The Colts had the Jets in a fourth-down situation before halftime and fell asleep, allowing Tim Tebow to throw for a first down. Really?

    The Jets tried to fake punts twice on Monday Night Football last week. Did you really think they were going to punt it there?

    The staff also failed to go for it early in the fourth quarter on fourth down when they needed a touchdown. Instead, they decided to go for a field goal when that wouldn't even have helped. The Jets struggled to defend the pass all day. Why not go for it?

    If this staff doesn't get better, it's time to find new one. Don't give me the whole "Pagano is out," either. Time to man up. None of these coaches are new to the NFL.

Loser: Colts Offensive Line

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    How hard is it to block for your quarterback and open up holes for a running game against a bad Jets rush defense? The Jets ranked 31st out of 32 teams against the run and would be lucky to shut down a Pop Warner team.

    Why not run the ball?

    The Colts failed to open holes and block for the run game. Now, granted, the Jets can tackle when the ball is run up the middle. However, they struggle to stop runs to the outside.

    The Colts never once tried to run outside the tackles. The result: a grand total of 41 yards on the ground. How do you only get 41 yards on the ground when the Jets are bad enough to give up 172 on the ground per game?

    Don't tell me that the Jets just stopped them, either. It was a lack of execution by the Colts and nothing the Jets did.

    It's time for the Colts to grow up.