Struggling Tigers Look for Answers Going into Tournament Play

Jacob KerrContributor IMarch 10, 2009

The LSU Tigers ended the regular season on a two-game losing streak.

They have not been able to win those games because they have failed at doing what they usually do that helps them win games.

The first thing is the fact they have not been able to have consistent shooting.

LSU has had many open shots, but they just are not knocking them down. In the Tiger's last two games, they have averaged a shooting percentage of 34 percent, which does not help win games. 

They have that horrible percentage because they have been shooting really bad shots. Along with shots that should go in nine out 10 times, but just are not falling. Like most of the three pointers they have shot.

It also does not help that they have scored 67 and 53 points in their last two games.

The second thing is that they have been missing free throws.

In their last games, LSU has missed nine free throws in each. If they could have made those free throws, those games could have gone their way.

Free throws are easy points, so you should make them because they help your team have a better chance to win games. It is essential for LSU to capitolize on those opportunities to get our of their current slump.

The final thing is that they have not been causing enough turnovers. Instead, they are turning over the ball too much, leading to easy shots for the other team.

If LSU wants to have a chance to make a run in the NCAA tournament, they must cause turnovers that will help them build a lead as well as score some easy points.

If you look at past champions, they have been able to cause turnovers, which would help them score more points giving them a better chance to win. The 2006 Tigers did this, and they made it to the final four without surrendering more than 70 points to any team.

If LSU can improve on these things, they should be a major contender for a team to make a run at a title. They have the SEC coach of the year, Trent Johnson, as well as the SEC player of the year, Marcus Thornton, on their team.

I believe they have the coaching and leadership from all of the veteran players on that team to do something great.

LSU will play either Kentucky or Ole Miss Friday, March 13 at 12:00 p.m. CT.

This will show how LSU responds to its second two-game losing streak of the season.