Is the WBC Good for the Mets?

Mike KentSenior Writer IMarch 10, 2009

The writer's block is gone (I hope). Thanks to all the great people that helped me get over it.

Lots of people say they don't care about the WBC, and Mets fans are some of the most bitter, as their club has 16 of its players involved.

The average American baseball fan is more worried that his team star will get injured in the tournament, rather than the USA's success in the event.

Some are worried that their team will have chemistry problems due to its star players not being with the team in spring training.

But I said the average American baseball fan; the above are not my opinons.

The WBC is good for the world, MLB, and followers of the sport worldwide.

Spring training would be great if it was shorter. Baseball fans can't wait for the end of these miserable games and for the real season to start. 

The players and fans don't care if their team wins or loses in spring training, but it's not like that in the WBC: Fans are on their feet the entire game. The WBC atmosphere is great, and the players want to win.

The players play hard and try to win. Isn't that how baseball should be played?

Yes, it scares me that a player may get hurt in these games. Last night, Carlos Delgado got hit by a pitch, and the team trainer had to come out to look at his arm. Luckily, he was OK and took his base.

That would be scary for any Mets fan, but we need to remember all the good that comes out of this tournament.

Look at what it's giving the Mets alone:

David Wright is playing with other team leaders, and that may help him become the leader in the Mets' dugout. 

The Mets got a look at Pedro Martinez, who said to the Mets: "If they want a fifth starter, I've been there."

Stars' absence also makes room for more minor league players in spring training, so the Mets have more to choose from. 

It looks like the WBC is helping the Mets in so many ways.

Good luck to all the Mets players in the WBC and in spring training!

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