What I Loved and Hated in College Football Week 7

Adam Kramer@kegsneggsNational College Football Lead WriterOctober 15, 2012

What I Loved and Hated in College Football Week 7

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    Week 7 is in the books, which is actually quite terrifying.

    The season is progressing entirely too quickly, and things are already reaching the serious stages. By serious, I don’t mean the games—although those are quite serious as well—but instead the time you have to hug this glorious sport before it disappears for months. 

    Don’t panic, not yet at least, but enjoy every minute of it while you can.

    With that downer disclaimer out of the way, let’s get down to business.

    The Geno Smith ride closed down for maintenance (don’t worry, it’ll be back up next week), while Les Miles’ group found some rhythm against a superb South Carolina team. Oh, and Notre Dame won a game on a play that will debated at the water cooler plenty.

    Spoiler Alert: That Notre Dame fan at your office will tell you that Stanford did not score in overtime. Don't bother arguing. You will not win, and he will not budge. It's science. 

    As for the items you might have missed, here’s what I loved and hated in Week 7.

Loved: Les Miles’ Tiger Chairs

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    I wasn’t really that surprised to see what Les Miles and ESPN’s Scott Van Pelt were sitting on for their Saturday morning GameDay interview. Rather, I was pleased to see that Miles’ intricacies stretch well beyond what he does at a podium or in front of a microphone.

    Just imagine being a recruit visiting the LSU campus, trying to decide if LSU is the right fit. You’ve toured the facilities, you’ve seen the stadium filled and you’re looking for that one final positive before you shake hands and pledge your commitment.

    Les Miles then opens the door, maybe sings “Free Bird” for seven or eight minutes and shows you these.

    Tiger chairs?

    Yep, you’re sold. Say no more.

Hated: This Oklahoma PAT Attempt

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    Oh, college kickers. I suppose we could just leave it at that and play the following video on repeat at the “We Can Do Better” college kicker convention that takes place at some abandoned ranch in Idaho before each season starts. 

    This isn’t all of Michael Hunnicutt's fault, though. The Oklahoma kicker’s timing was off due to some snap/holding issues, and the result was a hilarious boot off someone's back and an even more hilarious return. 

    The next time one of your friends tells you it’s impossible to block a field goal with your lower back or buttocks, bet them $50, show them this and collect.

Loved: Lee Corso Being Lee Corso

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    Last week, Lee Corso’s use of a live animal earned him a spot in this weekly feature. Well, actually, it was more of Kirk Herbstreit's reaction to this animal that got him included, but he was in nonetheless.

    Another week, another Corso feature. And quite frankly, we can never get enough Corso.

    To celebrate College GameDay’s presence at Notre Dame—as well as his pick of the Irish over Stanford—Corso went full Leprechaun as the pregame show was coming to a close. Oh, he didn’t just dress up. He also threw in a magnificent little jig and let loose as the curtains were coming down on the weekly staple.

    Silky smooth as always, Corso. 

Hated: To See This Poor Texas Fan Upset

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    No need to read any Red River Rivalry recaps. The only recap you need is right here.

    This Texas fan decided to head to the Cotton Bowl for a little football, and, well, I’m not sure that was the best idea. I'll bet the fair food was excellent, though.

    During the beatdown that ensued, she expressed her frustration with the team in one of the finer GIFs we will see all year. I don’t consider myself an expert lip reader, but I’m pretty sure I put this one together. 

    And that will do it for your 2012 Red River Rivalry recap. We’ll see you next year.

Loved: This Random Oregon Bro Hanging with Sooners

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    "What do you mean Oregon is on their bye week? I was told they were playing Texas today and that the Cotton Bowl would be providing snacks!"

    I imagine this is the conversation that took place with the Oregon fan above. This shot came at the Red River Shootout, and he was seen in a sea of Oklahoma fans celebrating their 375th touchdown of the day.

    We don't know much about this Oregon fan, but we do know that he was wonderfully out of place and that Oregon's colors and logo stand out rather well.

    Nice job, Nike; you win again. As for you, sir; You are the unintentional "Where's Waldo?" of Week 7.

Hated: To Be This Decal Logo

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    This is a first for me, although perhaps you football historians have seen this before. Actually, don’t lie, historians; even you guys have never seen something like this.

    Minnesota RB Donnell Kirkwood got a full head of steam against Northwestern, lowered his head and the “M” went flying. By “M", I mean the giant Minnesota decal on his helmet. The contact was so solid that this baby fluttered to the ground.

    I have to wonder where that decal logo ended up. Was it a souvenir? Will we ever hear from it again? Do you care? 

    The answer to all of these is absolutely not, but some of us care. I care.

    Rest in peace, decal logo. You will be missed by other decal logos, I’m sure.

Loved: This Wonderful Ole Miss Run

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    It’s 3rd-and-16, you’re playing a young quarterback and you just absolutely do not want to give up the big play here. Chances are they’ll go underneath, and that’s exactly what Ole Miss did.

    The Auburn defense, however, could not get the stop in the wackiest way possible.

    Running back Jeff Scott grabbed the ball and the Auburn linebackers brought him down. The problem, at least for Auburn, is that Scott was firmly situated atop one of these linebackers, and his knee never hit the ground. He popped right up, and 46 yards later, he was gone.

    Fantastic run by Scott, and an accurate synopsis of the 2012 Auburn football season.

Hated: To Be on the Other End of This Body Slam

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    You know what the best part about playing Alabama is? No, seriously, do you? I have no idea if there is an actual answer to this that could be viewed as serious fact. Playing the Tide is hard enough as is, and there’s a high probability you will spend extra time in the cold tub after a meeting with them.

    In this video, Alabama defensive tackle LaMichael Fanning showcases the WWE bodyslam (or suplex if we're getting technical) on Mizzou running back Russell Hansbrough. He was flagged and could very well face a suspension.

    Fanning outweighs Hansbrough by about 110 pounds and has about eight inches on him in the height department, which makes this all the more unfair.

    This was actually somewhat terrifying, incredibly dangerous and we’re glad that Hansbrough is OK.