Four Reasons Why the Orlando Magic Won't Win It All

D.Michael LeeSenior Analyst IMarch 10, 2009

Four Reasons Why the Magic Will Not Win it All
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There are a number or analysts, so-called experts, and prognosticators that will tell you all the reasons why ____fill in NBA contender here___ can win the NBA title. Here at, we like to tell our readers the facts, and never sugarcoat them.

We all can agree on the half a dozen legitimate title contenders out there. Each one of those teams have many strengths, and if the chips fall their way, you could see any of them hoisting the NBA Championship in June.

However, we want to take time out to break down the top four reasons why each team will not win it all as well.

We continue our series with the Orlando Magic.


1. Live by the 3....Die by it too.

Orlando has played the same way for nearly two seasons under head coach Stan Van Gundy. With Dwight Howard commanding the paint, he is a walking double double. His offensive game draws enough respect by opponents that many double team him.

The long distance shooting of Rashard Lewis, Hedu Turgolu, and J.J. Reddick often make teams pay for that double team.

While Orlando can often shoot a team out the gym, the nights in which the shots are not falling are a cause of concern. Many of the Magic's perimeter players cannot create their own shot, and thus the lack of a playmaker off the ball could come back to hurt them.


2. Defense wins championships.

While exciting, explosive offense is great for regular season games on TNT and ESPN, it will Orlando's defense that will be the reason they make it to the heights they hope to this season.

While Orlando recently defeated the Celtics last weekend 86-79, it was their first win against Boston this year, and it came when Boston did not have Kevin Garnett to anchor the post. Both the Celtics and Cavaliers have proven in the postseason they can play defense that is needed to win games.

The 87-81 games may not be ratings grabbers, but if you can win those close, tough games, you will be a champion.


3. The Panic Room.

When Shaq and Magic head coach Stan Van Gundy engaged in their war of words last week, there was some truth both men said among the jabs at each other. One remark Shaq made about Van Gundy is the fact that he can hinder his team at critical times with his apparent lack of calm on the sidelines.

We all know there are various styles of coaching, from he Zen like qualities of Phil Jackson, to the regimented discipline of Gregg Popovich.

Coach Van Gundy seems to be the most animated of the high profile head coaches, and during big moments, players along with fans have to wonder, "Does this guy have it all under control?"


4. The X Factor.

Every team that has gone on to greatness has it. Whether it is one play that some call luck, winners call it destiny or fate. It also can be that one role player, who off the bench, lifts your team for a single quarter, or even an entire seven game series to career-defining heights.

The acquisition of Rafer Alston is looking to be a great move for the short term to keep Orlando in contention, and Alston does provide another offensive option.

However, who will be that player off the bench that can Orlando's Leon Powe, Eddie House, or James Posey like Boston had last year?