Heat 130 - Bulls 127 (2 OT): Vinny del Negro Manages to Screw It Up Again

Jacob NitzbergAnalyst IMarch 10, 2009

The Chicago Bulls were beaten by the Miami Heat in double overtime last night 130-127. 

It was an outstanding game by both teams, but the star of the game was Dwyane Wade, scoring 48 points to go along with 6 rebounds, 12 assists, 4 blocks and 3 steals. 

Wade played tremendously, and so did some of the Bulls, with Ben Gordon contributing a season-high 43 points, including eight three-pointers.  John Salmons scored 29 and Derrick Rose added 23 for the Bulls.

However, with the game tied at 127-127 in double overtime, the Bulls' fatal flaw reared its ugly head again.  Inexperience on the sideline.  Rookie coach Vinny del Negro has still not managed to comprehend one of the most basic facets of the game.

When the game is on the line, put the ball in the hands of your best player.  Period.

If del Negro understood this, Derrick Rose would have been handling the ball with 11 seconds left in the second OT, not John Salmons. 

It's true, Salmons made a clutch shot with 37 ticks left to tie the game at 127, but your small forward should not be handling the ball on the most important possession of the game. Either run a play for Rose to do it himself or for him to pass to Salmons or Ben Gordon, but at least have the ball in Rose's hands.  

While this mistake may have ultimately cost the Bulls the game, it is encouraging to see that Rose was at least on the floor for this ill-fated final possession.  Earlier this month, it was reported that Bulls GM John Paxson had to tell del Negro to make sure that Rose was on the floor in the fourth quarter of games. 

This is the guy who we have charged with turning Derrick Rose into a superstar, developing him as a player and a floor leader.  A guy who had never coached a game in his life before this season.

If the Bulls want to make the playoffs, not only this year but in the future, there need to be some changes at the top.