A-Rod Disappoints Again

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A-Rod Disappoints Again

I now realize how spoiled we've been.

A-Rod helped sportsblogs coast through February.

Yesterday, A-Rod let me down.

With a pseudo-Mets team missing 16 players, there's not much to say. Sure, I could make some crap up along the lines of:

"'Kielty Should Platoon"
Or the ever-popular "Santana Elbow OK!" posts that you see everywhere.

Maybe some random Mike Pelfrey speculation would float your boat?

Nope, I'm hoping the real Mets come back soon, and that brings me back to A-Rod.

Alex, you let me down. I needed to wake up to headlines like "A-Rod blows off surgery to go surfing with Madonna" or "Alex: Jeter doesn't have it as hard as I do" or "Doctor: A-Rod cried like a baby."

Nope. All I have is "A-OK" type stuff. The surgery went well. Good for you, A-Rod but what about the poor blogger with nothing to write about? Can't you steal some ice cream from a little girl or something?

Jerry said something non-committal about Pedro (that everyone is spinning as"no way," read it again, folks.)

"You have to be fair to the people we have here."

That's not no.

I have a suspicion there's a tremendous upside to Livan Hernandez.

Anyway, A-Rod, Santana, and Pelfrey are fine. Enjoy the WBC. I don't.

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