B/R Cricket and the Indian Cricketing Panorama

Rohini IyerSenior Writer IMarch 10, 2009

A couple of months back, the Tennis domain in B/R had to deal with a situation akin to the one the cricket house is facing.

At that point of time, there were so many articles on Roger Federer that Community Leader Long John Silver had to write an article specifically asking to reduce the supply of Federer fanaticism.

And now, in the heightened level of my exasperation, I am forced to pull a leaf out of Long's book and write an article about a problem along the same lines in a different sport altogether.

As the Community Leader of cricket, I have observed that many of our fellow writers are concentrating on the Indian aspect of the sport rather than give a broader perspective.

Some of the articles, I am afraid to say, don't even substantiate the points put forth. This results in low comments and a low readership for the articles.

I would like to say that in a public site, we have to concentrate more on the sport than a nation playing. What I am trying to say is, while it is OK to write about India as a cricket-playing nation, please make sure that the domain page isn't filled with just articles on how "India won a particular match," to quote an example.

We aren't an Indian media house hogging and showing only the Indian highlights; we are a fan site for sports enthusiasts across the globe, and when we write about Indian cricket, not many people out there are interested in knowing why India is a cricketing power house.

Take, for instance, the recent ODI and T20 series that's taking place between India and New Zealand. Before every game, there was a preview about the matches; but how many of us did think about writing about the England-West Indian test match series? Hardly anyone?

As writers, we are supposed to be taking in the whole picture and not just parts of it. While we enjoy the sport, its also important to know that others too enjoy the sport and as cricket fans contributing, we have to realise that it's always a "Larger than India" picture frame.

I do not mean to belittle your efforts through this article, but I do hope that you will understand that we are here to cater to the sport and not just merely to a particular country. The sooner this is grasped the better!