Derrick Rose: Top 10 Dunks of the Windy City Assassin

Anthony Fusilli@@AnthonyFusilliContributor IIIOctober 12, 2012

Derrick Rose: Top 10 Dunks of the Windy City Assassin

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    With Derrick Rose set to miss the majority of the 2012-13 season, I thought I'd take a look at some of the more ridiculous dunks In Derrick Rose's young career.  

    He has made plenty of top 10s on ESPN's SportsCenter. Whether he's posterizing someone or flying down the lane, Rose is sure to make the crowd stand on their feet.

    Rose has been looked at as the best thing to happen to Chicago since His Airness. And with good reason.

    Rose is the youngest ever MVP in league history. He has led Chicago to the playoffs in his four years in the pro's and has provided a countless number of wow plays.

    Here I'll carefully pick out 10 of the more note-worthy dunks of his young career.

Honorable Mention

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    Dunking on the Knicks

    Dunking on Barbosa

    Coast to Coast

    On Dante Green

    This one should have made the top 10, but I didn't want to flood it with alley-oops. Even though, after going over this 122,343 times, it's rather ridiculous what he does on this dunk.

10. Derrick Rose's Skills Challenge Dunk

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    Now while this dunk came in the skills challenge, it is still impressive.

    Whenever you channel your inner Steve Francis and pull out the double-pump reverse dunk, it's noteworthy.

    Not only was this a sick dunk, it helped Rose win the NBA skills challenge. Rose wowed the crowd and the other NBA stars sitting on the side.

    I'm sure he made Stevie Franchise proud by paying homage to him.

9. Poor Greg Oden

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    While watching this, I'm sure the first thing that came to you first was, "Greg Oden played in a game?!"

    Derrick just added insult to injury with this soaring dunk over big man and fellow No.1 draft pick Greg Oden. He has no fears of going against some of the bigger big men in the game. That's what makes some of his dunks so special.

    He's fearless.

8. Derrick Rose Defies Gravity

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    Derrick Rose has a ridiculous vertical leap, especially for a point guard.

    On this particular play, on a fast break, he caught an awkward alley-oop pass from then Chicago Bulls guard Keith Bogans, and turned it into a highlight-reel play. He has a knack for that.

    Rose nearly was beheaded by the rim and backboard on this particular throwdown. He caught it with two hands, but slammed it with one.

    Whenever you can make Scottie Pippen get out of his seat, you know you did something right. 

7. Up, Up and Away

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    Just throw the ball up and Rose will get it. One hand, two hands, doesn't matter. Just throw it up there and watch magic happen. 

    He catches this one with one hand and emphatically jams it with said hand. It just seems like Ronnie Brewer has a knack for finding Rose on the break, and when they connect it's usually pretty.

    Rose must love playing the Knicks. You'll see why...

6. Rose Shuts Down MSG

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    Tony Douglas tried to stay with Rose on this play, and Danilo Gallinari tried to stop Rose.

    They both failed.

    Rose just blows by Douglas with his explosive first step and gets to the rim with a ridiculous finish over and around Gallinari. It wasn't Rose's only sick dunk of the game, but it was the better of the two. 

    Rose torments the Knicks every time he plays them, as did another former Chicago Bulls player. You might have heard of him.

5. Derrick Rose Breakaway Reverse Dunk Against the Celtics

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    This is so impressive because he has to improvise so quickly.

    Rose tips the ball to himself after a bad pass by the Celtics and just takes off. With no one challenging him he throws down a nasty reverse slam, almost rock the cradle style, a la MJ.

    Rose was a pain in the Celtics' side and this dunk put salt in the wounds.

4. One-Handed Alley-Oop on the Detroit Pistons

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    In the words of Stacey King, "I wanna go higher!"

    Derrick waits for the precise moment and takes off for a sick one-handed alley-oop where he seemed to just stay in the air until the ball got to him. 

    When he threw it down, he threw it down with authority as well. Not many point guards can finish like he does.

3. Rose Throws It on Joel Anthony

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    Joel Anthony tried to stop Derrick Rose. The key word was "tried".

    During Game 2 of the 2011 Eastern Conference Finals, Derrick cut through the lane only to find 6'9" center Joel Anthony coming in on help defense. 

    Too bad his defense didn't help.

    Rose just ferociously throws it down on Joel Anthony's head. What makes it sicker, is that he stays in the air and goes around Anthony to throw it down.

    Oh, he also got the and-one. 

2. Mr. Rose, Meet Mr. Randolph

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    Zach Randolph met Derrick Rose at the rim during this game. He wasn't greeted very politely. 

    Rose got a great bounce pass on a give-and-go from Brad Miller and cuts the lane to only meet Randolph. Rose promptly rises up and puts down the hammer on him.

    He threw it down with such authority and finished strong—two of his stronger qualities as a point guard. 

    This would be my favorite, if it weren't for this next beauty..

1. Too Big, Too Fast, Too Strong, Too Good

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    What are you doing Dragic?

    I wanna go higher!! 

    This dunk will live in infamy. As long as Goran Dragic lives, he will never live this dunk down. Derrick Rose just hurts his feelings.

    When this dunk happened I absolutely lost my mind. This dunk is the definition of being posterized. How can you not? It has everything you need in a highlight. Amazing dunk, crowd reaction, player reaction and the demoralizing of another teams player.

    Just makes me all warm inside.

    Why would you do that Dragic? Don't you know he can go upstairs?