Beasts of the East: Celtics Start Making Noise

Max IasconeSenior Analyst IMarch 19, 2008

Well, the Rockets' streak is finally over, and it sure has been an interesting ride.

First, I would like to congratulate the Rockets on their amazing winning streak, it took a great amount of will power for T-Mac and company to fight through 10 games, all against premium competition, without a loss or Yao.

The Rockets' accomplishments will be remembered by sports fans the world over for a very long time, and rightly so. Twenty-two game streaks don't happen that often, especially in the loaded Western Conference Houston plays in.

That said, the Celtics also deserve some accolades for, not only holding arguably the NBA's most prolific scorer to eight points, but for beating the streaking Rockets one night after crawling back from 22 points down to defeat the World Champion Spurs.

If the Celtics can complete their trip through Texas without a loss, they will have cemented their place as one of the NBA's best teams, if not the best.

It also should be mentioned this team is far deeper than most analysts give them credit for. Last night, Leon Powe scored 21 points with limited playing time, and the night before, PGs Sam Cassell and Rajon Rondo combined for 37 points in San Antonio, including Cassell's game-winner late in the fourth quarter.

Even though I do recognize the Eastern Conference is an absolute joke, and a West contender could equal the Celtics' accomplishments if they played in the East, the Celtics hold a 22-4 record against the west including wins over LA, San Antonio (twice), New Orleans, Denver, the Warriors, and the aforementioned Rockets.

Last night, the Celtics showcased the tenacious defense which has made them what they are today, holding the Rockets to a season-low 74 points."

Defense wins championships" has always been the maxim for building NFL teams, and as shown by the Celts, and Nuggets, who scored 120 and still lost by 16 last night, the same holds true for the NBA.