Clint Bowyer Is Making Early Skeptics Question Their Predictions

George RobbenCorrespondent IMarch 10, 2009

With four races in the books for 2009 NASCAR season, it seems all the preseason predictions on how Clint Bowyer will do are becoming untrue.

Many of the so-called professional analysts gave hockey players a better chance of being a teeth model than Clint Bowyer making the Chase. To those who actually picked him to go places, I tip my hat to you.

Last year at this period in the season, Bowyer was in way worse shape, and his season looked meek. However, he had a strong rest of the season and collected one win due to a lucky break at Richmond.

With a new pit crew, crew chief, and tons of other changes, I can see why some may be skeptical. I looked into the season though seeing him as a man with great racing skills, still on a great team. 

Despite many obstacles, Bowyer has three top 10 finishes in four races. That is a great start to his season, and he is currently second in points—only trailing Jeff Gordan by 43.

I know there are people out there telling me how early in the season it is, and that there is a lot of season left to race. I am just trying to make the point that so far, Bowyer has far exceeded expectations on how he would start the year off.

Two things I have been impressed with are his relationship with his crew chief Shane Wilson, and the efficiency of his pit crew. All of his crew members are working well together, and it seems like a great team thus far.

Last season, I was impressed with Gil Martin as his crew chief, but there was something missing in the relationship. Wilson and Bowyer are connecting and making great decisions out on the track.

As far as the pit crew, I thought the 2007 Jack Daniels crew of last season was lacking a bit. It seemed every time Bowyer had a great position, he would drop a few places in the pits. This years' pit crew has been very quick and vital to his success.

Bowyer has proven himself over the last years with great consistency. He finished third in points in 2007 and fifth in 2008, and looks to keep that pace alive with a spot in the Chase, and a chance at the the championship.

Kansas Speedway is my home track, and there is no one I would like to see succeed more in the Sprint Cup series than Bowyer, of Emporia, Kansas.

Let's hope he keeps racing the way he does and prove the doubters wrong.

In the process, I will keep looking smart when I tell people how good he will do and continue getting laughed at. He may not be the biggest celebrity in NASCAR, but has some of the best racing skills I see on the track.

Keep your eye on the No. 33, and look for him to stay close to the points lead as the season progresses.