Key Ideas I Would Love To See WWE Incorporate (Opinionated)

Brotha NumpseyContributor IMarch 10, 2009

Ok, I have been an avid fan of WWE for years. Yes...Yes...Yes...from way back in the days when Hulk Hogan and Andre the Giant had their epic match..blah blah blah. This is really not meant to be a nostalgic article so let me bypass all of that.

No, this article is just about what the title suggests. The recent shows for the past couple of years have really dropped in intensity when it comes to the writing and decision making they have produced.

Some of these shows have caused us fans to scratch our head and throw tantrums saying "This is not the WWE we remember!" (yeah, kind of nostalgic in statement, but still...).

A lot of these points will actually bring up points from other articles but they are still necessary to be reiterated.



The writing has GOT To be better on all aspects, not just the major titles. We need your creative team to show more interest in other story lines besides just the two major titles.

You have the talent to pull off some very thrilling story lines. We just need for you to divest more time in thinking of something.

For example...there should be more exploitation for the U.S. belt. You have two outstanding wrestlers in Benjamin and MVP but the storyline (if you really want to call it that) has been lackluster. You have the makings of an epic U.S. Championship match but you do nothing really to exploit it.

Also there is absolutely no story line for the Inter-Continental championship. That belt has just been thrown in the hands of several champions and then nothing done really with it.

William Regal only defended 3 times the whole time he had it and that was to the same person during the last 3 weeks of his title reign. Until then, William Regal didn't even wrestle. Kind of dumb don't you think?

Was the greatest thing you could come up with was the IC tournament with nothing to happen afterwards? That seems a bit short sited to me. So now Punk has it and what you defending....Punk goes to MitB and the IC Belt sits stagnant.

Isn't there some rule about if a Belt is not defended within 30 days....? Which moves me on to the next point..


2. More I.C. and U.S. Championship Belt Defense

This was mentioned in another article and I must reiterate that point. The article was how often the IC belt had been defended at a pay per view in 2008. Since when did the IC Belt become just a prop?

I thought the IC belt was a stepping stone to being a major champion. It seems to me you are throwing away history behind these belts...The Rock, Stone Cold, Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Bret Hart, etc all made the IC belt great.

To just leave the belt stagnant and collecting waist dust is pretty disrespectful.


3.  Incorporate More Groups/Factions

I know, I already created a article on this, but this is STILL a major issue to me. Lets look back through history and check out how exciting the programming was when there were groups and factions running rampant through your shows. (Didn't I say this wasn't going to be a nostalgic article....oh well huh?).

We had groups like Degeneration X, The Nation of Domination, Legion of Doom, Los Boricuas, Disciples of Apocalypse, nWo, and the crowd went crazy.

Granted, we do have Priceless on Raw. The issue I am seeing is that there is nobody really going against them. Where is their nemesis faction? How come their is nobody jumping in to have a big group war?

Remember how DX and NoD tore up the place weekly? Now I am not suggesting that you resort back to a big gang/race war like back then, but a war for dominance over the WWE.

I liked the story line you were trying to run before Batista was injured. I think if you make him the leader of a faction (say for instance Batista with Cryme Time) against Randy Orton and Priceless, you could bring Raw up to a heavy weight level.

If you want to throw a belt in their besides a major belt....the tag team belts are looking like a pretty nice edition...however the Miz/Morrison vs. The Colons is getting pretty least to me. Which takes me to...


4. Better Tag Team Challenges

Now like I said, the Miz/Morrison vs The Colons story is developing pretty good. I wouldn't mind seeing them go on. The idea of a possible belt unification is a pretty nice idea. I think a team holding both belts and tag teams from all the brands hunting them down makes for exciting times and really shows who can job in the WWE.

We already know that Miz and Morrison are doing a great job bouncing around between brands. I think the Colons would also. They are young and energetic to follow suit. Priceless and Cryme Time as well. That would give them all a lot of exposure. Throw in a couple of other tag teams and the tag team division would be revitalized again.


5. Heel/Face Turns

Now this is going back to No. 3. With more factions comes more Heel/Face turns. Remember when Ahmed Johnson turned his back on LOD and joined NoD? Remember when the Rock turned on NOD? Remember when Chyna and Triple H turned on DX to join the Corporation?

How shocked were we? How good was that? We didn't know who was actually with who? But we do know there were wars EVERYWHERE! That made for awesome programming. (DANG IT NOSTALGIA!!!)


6. Bring Back The King of The Ring Pay Per View

This is another topic i have stressed in comments on other articles. I am sorry, but the Great American Bash sucks. Really. It does. Having the King of the Ring subjected to one brand really sucks.

Really. It does.

Honestly, who REALLY believed William Regal was worthy of King of the Ring. Who REALLY believes he is worthy of sitting up there with the likes of SCSA, HHH, Bret Hart, Owen Hart, and Randy Savage? Yeah, not too many of us.

The KotR, was a stepping stone to greatness. To me, that is more important than MitB. The group they usually put in the MitB are more worthy of challenging for the IC or US belts. Get rid of the Great American Bash, bring back the KotR.


So...there it is so far. I think these points would be a good start in boosting back up programming. I think there is more that could be done but I am not going to waste my time because I know this world is rated PG now and Vince is so scared to go against the grain now a days it is sickening.

Though if he or anybody inside his circle of trust are reading, bring back the First Blood batches. What do my fellow Bleacher Reporters think?