Time Releases Goofy Workout Pics of Vice Presidential Candidate Paul Ryan

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterOctober 11, 2012

Photo Credit: Time Magazine
Photo Credit: Time Magazine

Paul Ryan enjoys getting ripped, swole and all-out buff, just for the giggles. 

The vice presidential candidate and handsome wearer of suits was featured in Time Magazine recently, looking like a buffed-out Screech, ready to dominate some legislation. 

Side Note: Please take the following discourse for what it is, a silly commentary on some equally silly pictures taken by Time Magazine. Let's keep the comments funny, light and without political weight. And really, if Joe Biden were rocking the cutoffs with a menacing look, we would have to say something. 

Time Magazine decided to give a shout out to Ryan for being the fit specimen he is, and giving equal love to the method behind the sculpted madness, Tony Horton's P90X regimen. 

Yes, the same workout that teaches wackiness like "eating well and working out will actually have you fit" is the same reason Ryan looks like he is the protagonist from the movie Blank Check

Told you.

We can hardly give him a ton of grief, because this is all in good fun and for a great cause, shedding some extra poundage. 

Horton, the man behind the P90X craze sounded off to Time Magazine

I think Paul Ryan’s been very good for P90X, as much or more so as Michelle Obama. I’ve worked with the First Lady and her Let’s Move campaign; some of the Secret Service came up to me and said, ‘Hey man, we’re really loving the P90X.’ I’m well aware that they’re using it in the White House.”

Elections being a contact sport, Ryan looks like he is ready for just about anything heading into the Vice Presidential debate, even if they mandate the two men take up arms like gladiators. 

Ryan has been taken to task about his mountaineering accomplishments, marathon claims and body fat, but there is no denying he can certainly life weights while also getting his picture taken. 

Joe Biden, time to show off the guns as well. 

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