Hey NCAA Football: I'm Trashing You on Facebook, Fire Me!

Mitch Wilson@sportschatplaceSenior Writer IMarch 10, 2009

"Mitch is [expletive] devastated about Bowl affiliations and the whole bowl system...Dam NCAA R Retarded!!""

There, I said it. I was never afraid to say it before, but I said it again anyway. I am sick of the college football bowl system.

No, I'm not sick of bowl games; I'm not one of these people who think by getting rid of the BCS we will solve the world's problems. I also think we can get it fixed without congress, and probably a lot cheaper as well. I am sick of bowl affiliations and garbage matchups when we could have great games.

On New Years Day this past year we had Clemson playing in the Gator Bowl. I can honestly say I still don't know who won the game nor do I care. What I do know is that Clemson's record said they won seven games; I say they won five against the Division 1 schools they played. The NCAA can relabel these divisions all they want; only one of them gets 85 scholarship players. The rest get significantly less; those are the only games that should count.

New Year's Day used to be what it was all about. The best teams in America were showcased; it was a privilege. Now, a few of the conferences with some muscle think it's their right.

Hey Big Ten, you fooled no one; Michigan State was a joke, absolute garbage. They beat no one all year and when they were called on to beat a decent team it was an absolute beat down, with the Spartans being the pinata. Congrats, Mark Dantonio for ridding the Georgia Bulldog fans of Matt Stafford; they deserve much better anyways.

Hey SEC, congrats on the New Year's Day bowl appearances. Your Gamecocks, as our good friend the Grinch puts it, stink, stank, stunk the place up just about all season. Yeah NCAA, we would much rather watch an offense that was so used to being inept their head coach couldn't even throw a visor anymore.

Personally, I would have liked to have seen Georgia play TCU. I think we wouldn't lose all of our material talking about how awful of a QB Stafford really is because not a pro team would have gone within a mile of him once the Horned Frog D got through with him. I also would have liked to have seen Boise play Iowa or, even better, Ohio State.

The NCAA thinks we're stupid. Next thing you know they'll try and shorten the games and stuff them with commercials and tell us it's a good thing. Oh wait, they've already done that; it's called replay.

So there, big bad NCAA, go ahead and fire me as your fan. I see you did real well selling those Orange Bowl tickets in a mildly better economy a few months ago. I hope your "they'll pay for whatever we give them" approach truly gets you what you deserve; just don't expect a presidential bailout.


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